Sherrie Krampel

Sherrie Krampel established Total Health Physio in 2011 with specific emphasis on providing a warm, personal aged care physiotherapy experience for elderly and less mobile individuals at home. She loves to put a smile on the faces of her patients while helping them achieve their functional goals through rehabilitation.

Kevin Kou

Kevin Kou has spent the past 5 years working in aged care physiotherapy and has developed a real passion for helping his patients get back on their feet. Kevin enjoys the ability to spend quality time to work with and get to know his patients thus achieving better outcomes on their overall function.

Devana Thevanesan

Devana Thevanesan is not only a passionate physiotherapist but also the NDIS coordinator for Total Health Physio. Dev enjoys the relationship building with patients and their families as much as she enjoys providing the therapy itself. She dedicates herself to setting and meeting patient specific goals. Dev is excited to coordinate NDIS for Total Health Physio as it is an evolving area and she aims to evolve with it. She will manage the diverse team at THP to assist their patients pursue their goals and live an independent life.

Tina Blagojevic

Tina Blagojevic has over five years’ experience working as a physiotherapist helping her patients work towards their goals. She enjoys hearing about her patients’ unique stories and being a part of their journey to better health and wellbeing outcomes. Toni’s priority is to ensure physiotherapy delivery is fulfilling for all patients whilst remaining fun and achieving realistic goals.

Chaya Greenbaum

Chaya Greenbaum is an Occupational Therapist who currently works in residential aged care and the NDIS and has previous experience working within a paediatric setting. She finds immense joy and satisfaction when helping people live as independently as possible; while supporting them to lead meaningful and active lives. Using a holistic approach, she works together with the patient and their family, to focus on individualised goals and allow themselves to believe in their ability to succeed. Her interest areas include sensory integration, gross and fine motor skills, environmental and activity adaptation and social inclusion.

Pauline Mosca

Pauline has always known her passion in Occupational Therapy lies with aged care and working with individuals with a disability. Pauline has always dedicated herself to helping others and working as an OT allows her to fulfil this passion. She enjoys having the ability to assist patients in achieving their full potential as well as improving their quality of life and independence.

Toni Hamilton

Toni Hamilton has completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree and a is a qualified Personal Trainer. Toni has had over 4 years’ experience working as a personal trainer helping her clients work towards their health and fitness goals. Toni is passionate about improving patient’s quality of life through exercise programs specific to the ageing population and participants of the NDIS. Toni is a brilliant motivator who helps patients to achieve their goals whilst also placing an importance of having fun and building strong rapport with patients.


Julia is a new clinician representing Total Health Physio.

We’re just about to write her bio, stay tuned!

Julanne Ghijben

Julanne Ghijben has spent over 40 years as a physiotherapist. From an early age, she knew she wanted to help individuals achieve their potential, improve wellness and aid rehabilitation. Above all else, watching her patients recover through treatment and care is the most satisfying part of the job.

Our Staff & Culture

Total Health Physio has a very vibrant team who have contributed to our culture in their own way.

We all feel that we have a greater purpose and that is to make a difference to the quality of life and wellbeing of our patients. Whilst we are a relatively small team, we have continued to grow and greater serve the community.

Being part of Total Health Physio could be described as our own inner sanctum. We feel a real sense of comradery, each team member has their role and takes pride in what they represent.

Our culture is trust, compassion, and care. We are also highly empathetic and show that to our patients, we try really connecting with them to get the best out of them.

We thank you for showing interest in our healthcare services. Please meet some of our expert team!