Sherrie Krampel – Managing Director

Sherrie established Total Health Physio in 2011 with specific emphasis on providing a warm, personal physiotherapy experience for elderly and less mobile individuals in the comfort of their home. Her passion has always been to help those in need and THP’s values of Trust, Compassion and Care are also the values Sherrie abides by in her personal life.

Sherrie Graduated from La Trobe University in 2003 and worked in private practice. Whilst she loved working as a Physiotherapist she felt she needed to find a purpose and founded Total Health Physio as she felt that working with vulnerable people meant she could really make a difference to their quality of life by developing meaningful relationships and providing outstanding care.

Sherrie’s purpose is to ensure each member of her team goes above and beyond patient expectations to achieve the desired outcome. She loves the notion of her team putting a smile on the faces of her patients while helping them achieve their functional goals through rehabilitation.

When not working Sherrie loves spending time with her family going for runs, bike rides and kicking the footy with her boys.

Devana Thevanesan – Physiotherapist

Dev graduated from James Cook University in Townsville in 2015 and has worked with the elderly ever since. She is not only a passionate advocate for the elderly population but is also the NDIS Coordinator for Total Health Physio and manages the THP social media platforms.

Dev enjoys the relationship building with her NDIS and private patients and their families as much as she enjoys providing the therapy itself. Dev is compassionate and caring which is the foundation of Total Health Physio’s core values and she has an incredible way of connecting with her patients to help them achieve optimal outcomes. She recognises the importance of tailoring her treatment approach to integrate individual circumstances in order to meet patient-specific goals.

Dev manages the diverse team at THP to assist their patients pursue their goals and live a meaningful and independent life.

When not working as a Physiotherapist, she enjoys discovering new cuisines, spending time with her beautiful dog and is a qualified eyelash extension technician!

Kerry – Physiotherapist

Kerry is our senior physiotherapist and clinical manager. She has been working within the disability sector for 20 years. She specialises in neurology and rehabilitation and has thrived on making a difference to the lives of her patients and their families. Kerry has always had a passion for seeing her patients succeed. She enjoys forming close relationships and takes a positive approach to patient care to empower them to achieve optimal outcomes.

As clinical manager, she takes pride in helping grow the Total Health Physio brand and systemising processes to ensure efficiency amongst the team to allow for optimal delivery of patient care. Kerry is warm and approachable and is always willing to assist in the growth and development of the team.

Kerry has always recognised the importance of keeping active and moving your body daily, she lives by this statement and motivates her patients to do the same.

Outside of work Kerry enjoys spending time with her family, running, gym, reading and taking long walks with her hubby and her dogs.

Chaya Greenbaum – Occupational Therapist

Chaya Greenbaum is an Occupational Therapist who currently works in residential aged care and the NDIS and has previous experience working within a paediatric setting. She finds immense joy and satisfaction when helping people live as independently as possible; while supporting them to lead meaningful and active lives. Using a holistic approach, she works together with the patient and their family, to focus on individualised goals and allow themselves to believe in their ability to succeed.

Her interest areas include sensory integration, gross and fine motor skills, environmental and activity adaptation and social inclusion.

Julia – Occupational Therapist

Julia graduated from La Trobe University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Occupational Therapy. Throughout her studying, she worked at Melbourne Football Club as a Sports Trainer.

Julia has extensive experience in workplace Injury management as well as in Aged Care. More recently she has developed a passion for working with individuals with a Disability through the NDIS. She is an expert in making the lives of her patients easier by prescribing assistive technology to optimise their day to day living.

Julia is also capable of completing complex home modification reports to ensure safer living arrangements for her clients. Julia has a particular interest in Sensory Profiling and sensory regulation, which provides individuals with a better understanding on how their sensory input influences their behaviour, learning, participation and engagement.

Julia has always been interested in health and fitness and this has led to her career choice in Occupational Therapy. Growing up, she competed at state levels in athletics and swimming. In more recent years, she was fortunate to be a part of the emerging Women’s AFL League and still plays for a local community club.

Julia is passionate about volunteering and from a young age has contributed to a number of causes close to her heart, including working as a first responder on ambulances overseas.

Tina – Physiotherapist

Tina is Total Health Physio’s superstar Team leader and Senior Physiotherapist. She graduated from Latrobe University in 2012. Tina is passionate about helping her patients work towards their goals whilst also maintaining the high standards of service delivery from our team.

Her approach to patient care is extremely compassionate and she has immense pleasure hearing about her patient’s unique stories and being part of their journey to better health and wellbeing outcomes. Tina takes pride in her role as team leader; helping support team development and growth as well as seeing patients at residential aged care and in the community. Tina takes a holistic approach to therapy to assist her elderly and NDIS clients achieve their goals through rehabilitation, Tai Chi and dry needling.

When not leading the team Tina enjoys staying active outdoors with scenic hikes, kayaking, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Kevin – Physiotherapist

Kevin graduated from LaTrobe University in 2013. He is trusting, compassionate and he cares about everyone around him. Kevin has specialised in aged care since graduating and has developed a real passion for helping his patients get back on their feet and keeping them as active as possible. Kevin enjoys the ability to spend quality time to work with and get to know his patients thus achieving better outcomes on their overall function. He has an emphasis on educating his patients on the rationale behind various choices of treatments and often combines an exercise/activity based approach to achieve the patient’s goals. He has a particular interest in working with individuals with dementia as he has a special way of connecting with these patients, building a relationship of trust thus allowing them to respond to him and get the most positive outcomes on their function.

In his spare time, Kevin is often a part-time handyman taking part in various renovations or building projects, or is keeping fit with Kung Fu (martial arts) – his sport of choice.

Chee Yan Ting – Physiotherapist

Chee is an experienced physiotherapist in both aged care and rehabilitation. She has been a valuable THP team member since 2018 and has a special interest in aged care and disability combining this with her work at a musculoskeletal private practice. Chee has excellent clinical reasoning skills and is thorough with her assessments and treatment plans.

Chee has a passion for helping her clients improve their fitness levels and prevent injuries. She completed training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, Dry Needling and has a keen interest in using both exercise and hands-on treatment to help clients achieve their individual goals.

Julanne Ghijben – Physiotherapist

Julanne Ghijben has spent over 40 years as a physiotherapist. From an early age, she knew she wanted to help individuals achieve their potential, improve wellness and aid rehabilitation.

Above all else, watching her patients recover through treatment and care is the most satisfying part of the job.

Kristi Millott – Exercise Physiologist

Helping individuals experience physical and mental health benefits through exercise/movement interventions is what Kristi is passionate about as an Exercise Physiologist. She takes pride in thoroughly understanding her client’s background and their personal preferences to tailor therapeutic, safe and gratifying interventions. Alongside private practice experience, for the past 7 years Kristi has also worked at a Melbourne rehabilitation hospital, assisting with land and hydro based therapy. Kristi is currently completing study in Somatic Movement Therapy which she is able to integrate into her practice to promote body awareness and optimal well-being.

Outside of work, Kristi enjoys dancing, beach/trail jogging, and spending downtime in the country with friends and family.

Our Staff & Culture

Total Health Physio has a very vibrant team who have contributed to our culture in their own way.

We all feel that we have a greater purpose and that is to make a difference to the quality of life and wellbeing of our patients. Whilst we are a relatively small team, we have continued to grow and greater serve the community.

Being part of Total Health Physio could be described as our own inner sanctum. We feel a real sense of comradery, each team member has their role and takes pride in what they represent.

Our culture is trust, compassion, and care. We are also highly empathetic and show that to our patients, we try really connecting with them to get the best out of them.

We thank you for showing interest in our healthcare services. Please meet some of our expert team!

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