Professional Remedial Massage

Total Health Physio are excited to offer mobile remedial massage services delivered throughout Melbourne.

Remedial massage therapy focuses on parts of the body that require rehabilitation. This is specific to the client’s needs and can help manage symptoms such as pain, stress, anxiety, stiffness, swelling and circulation.

Our massage therapist, Leonie has a Diploma of Massage, with over 20 years of experience.

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Mobile Throughout Melbourne

Who is Appropriate to Receive Remedial Massage?

As with all our Allied Health services, Total Health Physio provides mobile remedial massage therapy in the comfort of our client’s homes for older adults, people living with disabilities, and those recovering from surgery or injuries. Our Massage Therapist often works in conjunction with our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to provide holistic support to our clients.

A thorough initial assessment is always conducted to ensure the therapy is planned and tailored to the individual’s needs and to ensure there are no contraindications or precautions to massage therapy to be considered. The therapist will learn the client’s goals and individualise their approach to help them reach their goal.

The assessment will include consideration of the client’s lifestyle, age, medical conditions, medications, daily activities, occupation, sports involvement and any past medical history

We work in partnership with home care providers and accept private referrals.

Massage Service Delivery by Total Health Physio

Total Health Physio receives the referral or request for services. After being contacted, our caring Massage Therapist follows this process:

  • Visits the person at their home for an initial session – this is usually 60 mins
  • Comprehensive evaluation performed
  • Client goals are determined
  • Frequency and duration of treatment is confirmed and booked in

The frequency of treatment depends on various factors, including financial considerations, availability, severity of the condition, and the time required to achieve results.

Depending on these factors, some clients might receive treatments every fortnight, some on a weekly basis, while others may have longer intervals between each session, such as three weeks to a month.

Professional, Safe & Hygienic Remedial Massage

Massage therapy is best performed on a portable massage table but can be on a client’s bed if they lack space for a massage bed or are unable to transfer. We use quality products such as sweet almond oil or Fisiocrem.

The massage table is cleaned using antiseptic wipes after each client, and fresh towels and linen are used for each session.

In cases where we visit an aged care facility, we follow all mandatory COVID-19 protocols including additional protocols which may be requested by the facility.

The hygiene and disinfection protocols are strictly followed between each client. Our staff members will also wear a mask if requested by private clients.

Importantly, our massage team are caring, professional and polite individuals, you can always expect a high level of service from Total Health Physio!

Starting Remedial Massage with Total Health Physio

We would love to hear from you, please note that:

You can book as little or as many sessions as you want
The outcomes we focus on are goal oriented e.g pain management, promotion of relaxation or increased mobility
We are an Australian owned and operated team
You can call our caring administration team with any questions

Please use our contact page to get started!

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  • How we ensure a client's comfort and relaxation during a massage?

    Effective communication is key to ensuring client comfort during a massage. It’s essential to establish a rapport with clients and create a relaxing environment that makes them feel at ease. That is why a thorough consultation is conducted to obtain information on the client’s medical history, lifestyle and any specific preferences, before the massage starts. The therapist will explain the process and expectations at this first appointment.

    The therapist will always ask for the client’s consent before proceeding with the massage, and any concerns or preferences can be addressed at this stage. The aim is to provide a personalised and comfortable massage experience that meets the client’s needs and preferences.

  • A massage related success story?

    Our Massage Therapist recently visited a client who had a history of stroke and other conditions limiting their ability to speak. During the massage they appeared more alert and engaged than usual. Conversation flowed and at the end of the session they reported that they were not just happy but “ecstatic to receive massage therapy”.

    It was a heartwarming moment to see the positive impact our work had on their well-being.