The Total Health Physio Way

These are the steps that we will follow from commencement of our first session together

Step 1: Home/Facility Visit

  • Our Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Exercice Physiologist will visit you at your home to complete an initial assessment.
  • This is where we get to know you and understand how we can help make a difference.
  • We listen to you, addressing your needs, wants, concerns, and requirements.
  • We’ll support you to achieve your goals and determine what assistive equipment is necessary for you.

Step 2: Goal Setting

  • We’ll identify and discuss your goals.
  • We’ll then come up with strategies to help you achieve these goals.

Step 3: Report/Plan

  • Our OTs complete a full functional capacity report with recommendations to support you and your ability to access the community.
  • Our Physios and EPs complete an intervention and recommendation report for NDIS participants, or an Initial Management Plan for Home Care Package clients.
  • Our OTs and Physios work with suppliers to provide any assistive equipment required for you.
  • Our OTs also work with builders to complete home modifications.

Step 4: Therapy

  • We’ll commence therapy based on our identified goals to help you achieve
  • We’ll work together to develop daily routines and work towards positive outcomes through holistic care.
  • We use an evidence-based approach to help you achieve optimal results.
  • We strive to help you live your best life. We genuinely care.