SIL Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

The purpose of Supported Independent Living (SIL) is to provide support for NDIS participants to help with daily tasks and develop skills to live as independently as possible.

Total Health Physio primarily works with adult participants (over 18) with a physical and/or neurological disability. We service the greater South-East Melbourne community. We are mobile and travel to the participant’s SIL residence.

We communicate our work with NDIS support coordinators, with the overarching objective of improving the healthcare the participant receives and helping the participant to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our SIL Services

Total Health Physio offers comprehensive Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services, we are a registered NDIS provider.

Commonly, we are contacted to provide comprehensive functional assessments, this looks at how the participant is being cared for holistically. A functional assessment involves measuring a person’s capacity within different activities of daily living – to determine what interventions are reasonable and necessary.

We help with:

  • Equipment requirements
  • Environmental/home modifications
  • Recommendations on what supports are required (i.e. if support is required whilst showering, dressing, performing shared tasks, meal preparation, cleaning, shopping and overnight care etc)
  • Reviewing existing supports
  • Liasing with the NDIS for funding requests
  • Assistive Technology (AT)
  • Helping people mobilise and access the community

The work we perform is written in the NDIS Service Agreement and provided to the NDIS participant at our first meeting.

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SIL Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Pricing

Our prices of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services are in-line within the NDIS price guidelines. We currently charge at the maximum hourly rate.

It would typically take us 10-15 hours to complete an assessment and detailed written report, however, this can vary.

If our services are ongoing, we would calculate the long term costs during the initial consultation, one of our values is Trust, so we are transparent with our pricing and help our community identify what is economically feasible for them.

NDIS SIL Funding Explained

Our primary role is for our Occupational Therapists to assist the participant to access funding for equipment, home modifications, or ongoing therapy to allow them to live more independently in their new home.

For example, if a participant required a new wheelchair, we may complete what is referred to as a Detailed AT Assessment, where we would compare multiple pieces of equipment (for example, four different types of wheelchairs) to identify and justify funding for reasonable and necessary equipment.

Typically, the NDIS is extremely thorough when reviewing funding requests, so at times, we may receive feedback about our reports, we would liaise with the NDIS as necessary.

Additionally, we perform full functional reports, this is to assess the person holistically and review all aspects of care.

For example, it is possible for us to write reports and provide over 25 recommendations relating to personal care, accommodation, meal preparation and so on.

Properties SIL Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy Occur In

SIL support services are provided to participants in their home regardless of property type or ownership agreement.

SIL support services may also take place in individual or shared living arrangements.

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