NDIS Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Total Health Physio is a NDIS registered provider of Allied Health Services (Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy). We have been NDIS registered since 2017.

NDIS participants usually request our Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services to assist them with rehabilitation and mobility.

Our foundations began in Aged Care, but as registered providers of the NDIS we feel that aged care and the NDIS are synonymous with our core values of trust, compassion & care.

NDIS Services


We visit participants in the comfort of their own home or residential facility for their Physiotherapy sessions. We partner with participants to create individualised home therapy programs and work on:

  • Addressing risks (i.e. falls prevention)
  • Addressing deficiencies highlighted from our initial assessment
  • Balance
  • Managing and reducing chronic pain
  • Strength & rehabilitation
  • Mobility
  • Conduct re-assessments against outcome measures

Our Physiotherapists are all graduates of Physiotherapy and registered with the APA and AHPRA.

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists work with participants to improve their home environment to make life safer and enhance independence. We help with:

  • Equipment prescription
  • Assessments, equipment trials & documentation for Assistive Technology Requests
  • Small changes to the environment (i.e. moving rugs, decluttering)
  • Improving access (i.e. handrails, ramps)
  • Planning, management and quotes for home modifications

Our OTs possess a minimum of a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy.

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Assistive Technology

Under the NDIS, there is access to highly beneficial Assistive Technology (commonly referred to as assistive equipment) to help participants reach their ultimate health and wellbeing goals, as well as live a more independent life.

We work with participants to obtain and assess AT, such as:

  • Gait aids
  • Electric wheelchairs
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Bathroom aids
  • Kitchen aids
  • Beds

We are capable of detailed AT request forms, which involve comparing multiple variations of the AT (i.e. comparing five different gait aid models).

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Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA refers to housing for people with very high support needs and/or extreme functional impairment. Examples include:

  • Emergency communication devices
  • Backup power systems
  • Doorways accessible by wheelchair
  • Specialised heating/cooling assistive technology
  • Doorways, blinds and windows that can be controlled by automation
  • Modified bathrooms, kitchens, seating and appliances

SDA is the physical residence and modifications and/or equipment that have been implemented.

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

The term SIL is referred to when someone is being supported to live as independently as possible.

Our Physios and OTs help improve:

  • Physical capacity
  • Cognitive skills
  • Daily tasks and processes

We help NDIS participants obtain SIL funding from the NDIA for healthcare that will allow them to live independently at their residence.

The NDIS opens up more opportunities for participants to live a rewarding life in ways that may not have previously been accessible.

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NDIS Home Modifications

Total Health Physio is proud to offer home modifications under several capacities, which include:

  • Ramps
  • Stair climbers
  • Hoists
  • Bath/shower modifications
  • Kitchen design
  • Home access modifications
  • Assistive Technology Modifications (intercoms, lighting, communication modifications etc)

We are capable of handling minor and major home modifications for NDIS participants.

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Starting with Total Health Physio

Total Health Physio works with adults and older adults throughout Melbourne. We were established in 2012.

  • We are kind and caring
  • We are university-trained
  • We are NDIS registered
  • We offer a high level of communication to the individuals and organisations we partner with.

If you would like to know if Total Health Physio is right for you, please contact us to describe your situation.

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  • Who does Total Health Physio work with?

    In relation to the NDIS, Total Health Physio works with people aged 18 years and over with a disability. Particularly middle-aged adults and older adults.

  • What are NDIS plan reviews and progress reports?

    We typically complete a reassessment of your progress in a month, and then again in three months. We always make sure we’re on track to achieve your desired goals and outcomes – which is variable.

    This milestone tracking is stipulated in the NDIS plan which is updated regularly.

    Total Health Physio is very goal specific, with goal-oriented assessments and achievements.

    Learn more about NDIS plan reviews.

    Learn more about NDIS progress reports.

  • How much does NDIS Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy cost?

    We’re guided by the price recommendations of the NDIS. We currently charge at the maximum rate.

    Participants and coordinators can enquire with multiple NDIS providers to ascertain price variations, that way, people can select a healthcare provider that is economically viable.

    This is a variable situation and we can make long term costs clear (as well as funding) over the phone, or during an initial assessment.

  • What is the process with Total Health Physio?

    Step 1 – Enquiry

    If the participant is self-funded, they can contact us directly via email, phone or through our website to organise an appointment. If the participant is agency-funded, they can contact their support coordinator and suggest Total Health Physio as their preferred provider, so the support coordinator can contact us directly.

    If the participant is self-funded, prior to the initial assessment, we may perform a pre-home visit risk-assessment over the phone.

    We will then organise a suitable day and time to meet the participant and complete a detailed initial assessment.

    Step 2 – Initial Assessment

    At the initial assessment, we’ll set goals, and provide our patients with a participant handbook. This handbook outlines our policies, procedures, how we operate and our values, along with patient rights, and how we can work together to achieve goals and best outcomes.

    Every patient that we see, we believe that we can make a difference to their quality of life and well being. Our passionate staff are dedicated to helping individuals with a disability set realistic goals and adopting a holistic team-oriented approach to patient care in order to achieve these goals.

    We will submit all necessary documentation to the NDIS, NDIA or support coordinator. We will produce a formalised NDIS service agreement with the participant that needs to be signed by both parties.

    Step 3 – NDIS Plan & Service Scope

    We work on improving the areas highlighted in our initial assessment. This is usually regular one-to-one Physiotherapy sessions or our OTs returning for equipment trials and adaptive processes.

    We also provide exercise handouts to our patients to complete in their own time. These may be performed individually, or with a carer, friend or family member.

    Step 4 – Exiting Services / Ongoing Support

    In the event the participant is required to move properties, or conclude services with us, we help with the transition in either circumstance.

  • Where can NDIS Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy take place?

    These services primarily take place at the participant’s residence to address home independence, however, when we establish goals relating to participating in activities outside their residence, we may support the patient and do functional assessments in the community.

    NDIS services can take place in:

    • Private residences
    • Aged care facilities
    • In the public
    • Specialist Disability Accommodation
    • Supported Independent Living arrangements
    • Retirement villages, and
    • Transitional care facilities