What is an AHA?

An Allied Health Assistant (AHA) is a trained professional who supports allied health clinicians, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and exercise physiologists, in the delivery of healthcare services.

They play a crucial role in assisting with therapy programs and day-to-day operations of healthcare delivery.

At Total Health Physio, we offer caring AHAs who are available throughout Melbourne.

AHA at Total Health Physio

What does an AHA do?

Allied Health Assistants perform a variety of tasks, including assisting with therapy sessions, implementing care plans under supervision, and providing direct support to patients.

Their role is versatile, often tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare team and clients.

What is the difference between an AHA and a clinician?

The key difference lies in their scope of practice.

Clinicians, such as physiotherapists, diagnose and create treatment plans and exercise programs, whereas AHAs assist in implementing these plans. Clinicians have more extensive training and are responsible for the overall management of a client’s care.

What types of clients are appropriate to work with an AHA?

AHAs work with a diverse range of clients, including those with physical disabilities, aging individuals, and people recovering from injuries.

They are particularly beneficial in supporting clients who require ongoing therapeutic support to improve their functional abilities.

What educational and training requirements are needed to become an allied health assistant?

To become an AHA, one typically requires a certificate or diploma in allied health assistance or they can be completing their undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy.

This education includes practical and theoretical training in areas like client care, therapy support, and health administration.

How does the role of an allied health assistant contribute to improving client outcomes and healthcare delivery?

AHAs enhance patient outcomes by providing consistent, hands-on support, enabling more frequent and effective therapy sessions.

Their role also allows clinicians to focus on complex aspects of care, improving overall healthcare efficiency.

What suburbs do you service?

At present Total Health Physio only has an allied health assistant in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne but looking to grow its presence in the Western suburbs also.

Please contact our office to confirm.

What settings or environments do AHAs work in?

Allied Health Assistants work in various settings, community health centres, and in-home care environments as well as residential aged care facilities. They adapt to different settings to meet clients’ needs.

This is conducive to Total Health Physio as we work in the community, aged care facilities and specialised NDIS housing.

What is the minimum commitment?

The minimum commitment for engaging with an AHA varies based on individual client needs and treatment plans as well as NDIS funding available. It’s tailored to ensure effective and efficient therapeutic outcomes.

If I have funding for Physio or OT, is there any reason to use an AHA?

Engaging with an AHA alongside physiotherapy can be beneficial.

AHAs assist in implementing physiotherapy plans and ensuring adherence to exercise programs and rehabilitation.

They offer additional support and reinforcement of therapeutic exercises, which can enhance the overall effectiveness of treatment.

It can also be cost-effective to use a mixture of clinicians and AHAs.

How can I get started with Total Health Physio?

We welcome all enquiries from the community. Please note:

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