Info for Support Coordinators

Total Health Physio partners with several NDIS coordinators, homecare coordinators and local area coordinators throughout Melbourne.

We believe the attributes coordinators look for in providers are:

  • Transparency
  • Responsiveness
  • Communication
  • The ability to discuss feedback
  • A dependable, high quality service

We are primarily contacted for Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services, which encompasses other expertise, such as equipment prescription.

How We Integrate with Support Organisations

Our role is to perform Physio & OT, which we do with Trust, Compassion & Care.

There are many operational processes that we comply with. There are too many to list, however, the primary ways we help are:

  • Maintaining our registration as an NDIS registered Allied Health provider
  • The ability to attend phone or in-person meetings with other healthcare providers when involved in multidisciplinary care
  • NDIS request forms – specific functional assessments and recommendations based on the participant’s goals. We are versed with the NDIS templates and correspondence as well as liaising with the NDIA
  • Report writing – detailed and comprehensive reports to meet the participants’ needs and then provide the relevant recommendations. We understand the value of quality reporting and the expectations from our support coordinators
  • Progress notes – patient status, updates, progress, storage of clinical notes in an information management system
  • Adapting to software or systems as necessary. While this is rare, coordinators may wish for us to schedule appointments with the patient through their scheduling tools

The overarching objective of integrating with coordinators is to improve the quality of the supports and services provided.

Coordination of Referrals

  • Step 1 - Identifying if we are an appropriate provider

    Total Health Physio is an organisation capable of handling single referrals as well as large brokered contracts. Despite our desire to expand, our focus is to identify if we are an appropriate provider so we can make a meaningful contribution to the patient’s life.

    We are happy to meet support coordinators (and clients) in the way they would like. As many coordinators work remotely, this is usually done by phone, however, we would encourage in person meetings.

    We are able to send information packs about our services. We have primarily worked with adults with disability and the aged care sector since 2011.

  • Step 2 - Submitting a referral

    Please submit your referral online or contact us with questions you may have.

    We will email a pre-home visit risk assessment screen to ensure the safety of our clinicians and the participant while working in their home.

    We will schedule the appointment as soon as possible, which is usually within one working week.

    Our referral form will capture the mandatory information we will need to conduct the initial appointment. After submitting a referral, we will phone to ask if further assessments are required (for example, functional capacity reports).

  • Step 3 - Services

    After attending the property, we will formulate a healthcare plan that all parties consent to.

    • NDIS Participants – NDIS Plans will be used
    • Homecare Package Clients – Total Health Physio documentation will be used


    We then provide the participant or patient with a document to sign that is our Service Agreement.

    This service agreement will include information such as:

    • Schedule of supports
    • The responsibilities of Total Health Physio
    • The responsibilities of the participant/participant advocate
    • Our policies & procedures
    • Cost of service
    • Reviewing goals and milestones

    We store a copy of the agreement and provide this to the coordinator and participant. We would then perform the proposed healthcare as described in the agreement, yay!

    Our involvement may be as little as one functional assessment to ongoing assessment and treatments.

    It should be noted that home modification projects usually require additional communication, as we are essentially the project manager so act as a central point of for the coordinator and building contractors alike.

    We appreciate feedback from everyone involved.

  • Step 4 - Ongoing Services

    One of our core values is trust. We strive to earn the trust of support coordinators and have many long-lasting relationships.

    We support coordinators over the long term through:

    • Re-assessments to justify funding for assistive equipment
    • Re-assessments to justify funding for Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy supports
    • Helping participants transition to new properties
    • Helping participants with changes to mobility and functional status
    • Providing holistic support


    We are privileged to accept referrals from the coordinators we partner with.

Clinical Software / Medical Records

We partner with multiple healthcare organisations.

We are a systemised business and handle scheduling, billing, WHS & internal documentation.

Our systems include:

  • Cliniko – participant information, scheduling of referrals, progress notes
  • Google Suite – document management

Over time, our systems capture a Medical history of the person. We are able to share our clinical data at the consent of relevant parties.

Working with Total Health Physio

We encourage self-advocacy, we appreciate the fact participants have wonderful support coordinators to help them on their journey to do what’s right for them.

We actively listen and respond in a way that is right for them and their community, not just us as a commercial organisation.

Total Health Physio’s values are trust, compassion & care and respect the decisions of the coordinators and community.

If you would like to make an enquiry, please navigate to our contact page.