Allocating Clinicians

Total Health Physio has many wonderful staff with their own beautiful personalities, professional skills and characteristics.

We think it’s important to match our clinicians with our patients as best as possible. To achieve this, we will ask questions over the phone, we also encourage people to suggest their preferences.

Importantly, our staff members are trusting, compassionate and caring and you can be assured all staff uphold these values.

Factors We Consider When Allocating Clinicians

  • Client preferences – our clients can express anything they desire from a clinician and we will do our best to accommodate. For example, the preference between a female or male clinician.
  • Client diagnosis – our Physios & OTs each possess a range of experience. For example, we have clinicians who are highly skilled in terms of their ability to perform referrals relating to mental health. As such, we endeavour to allocate clinicians according to our patient’s diagnoses.
  • Locations – Currently we operate in South-East and West Melbourne. We may also suggest our preferences to make our scheduling efficient so that more people can access our healthcare.

We advocate for choice and control. When submitting a referral, please let us know any preferences you have!


Your privacy is important to the team at Total Health Physio.

You are able to keep any information private for any reason.

With this in mind, we would like to remind people that any information provided can be very beneficial for us. This is particularly the case for NDIS participants applying for funding and needing supporting evidence.

There is a confidentiality agreement which is located inside the Service Agreement and the participant handbook which you will be provided with at your first assessment.

Requesting Information from Total Health Physio

We understand that it’s helpful for you to gain an understanding of the clinician you are welcoming into your home.

You can learn more about our beautiful staff on our staff page of our website. Here, you can see a photo of them and gain a little bit of knowledge about their background.

If you would like to know more about our staff, please email us or phone us to ask. Remember, you have the option of also engaging our services through Telehealth. Generally speaking the Total Health Physio team are all professional and friendly by nature.

Total Health Physio is appropriately registered with AHPRA, the NDIS, APA. All clinicians are university-qualified. We are fully insured.

Please let us know if you require a copy of any of our registration documents.

Adhering to your Personal Preferences

Total Health Physio would like to work with you by taking the most effective approach that will achieve your desired outcomes and goals.

As such, we encourage you to let us know your personal preferences and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. In the event that we cannot accommodate your requests, we will notify you prior to your appointment.

Your personal preferences could be anything, such as:

  • Respecing social, cultural or religious beliefs
  • Taking our shoes off at the front door
  • Addressing you in your preferred name
  • Communicating with your family or support coordinator in the way you would like

Our patient and staff’s safety in regards to their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive wellbeing is our highest priority.

Can I meet several of your staff?

There are times where a person is likely to engage Total Health Physio for an extended period of time, such as those performing rehabilitation for chronic conditions.

In these cases, it’s important for you to have choice and control over the clinician serving you.

Typically, we would do our best to best-match you over the phone. If you would like to meet several staff, then Telehealth would be an option.

Please note that you are never locked into our services and can cancel at any time, as well as provide us feedback or a preference for an alternative clinician.

Feedback for Total Health Physio

If you have feedback for us, whether good or bad, we’d love to hear from you. We see feedback as an opportunity to grow and serve the community better.

Please note, you can submit feedback in many ways, such as:

  • Directly with a staff member, whether verbally or in writing
  • Our contact form on our website
  • Phoning our current Managing Director, Sherrie Krampel on 0488 227 229

If you feel a complaint has not been sufficiently or appropriately addressed, you can seek further support through any of the following agencies:

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission

At any time, people can make a complaint about NDIS service providers or the support they provide to the NDIS Commission.

Complaints to the NDIS Commission can be lodged:

  • online at; and
  • by phone on: 1800 035 544

Consumer Affairs Victoria

NDIS consumers purchasing products and services also have rights and protections under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), including provisions on customer guarantees and unfair contract terms. Consumer Affairs Victoria provides information and advice and, in some cases, dispute resolution services for customer disputes under the ACL.

Complaints to Consumer Affairs Victoria can be lodged:

  • online at and
  • by phone on: 1300 55 81 81

We thank you for taking interest in our healthcare services. With Trust, Compassion & Care, we can achieve amazing goals together!