Post-Operative Physiotherapy after Total Hip Replacement in Southeast Melbourne

hip-recoveryHip Fractures Among the elderly

When the elderly experience a fall, the most common injury sustained is a fractured hip, which may require a total hip replacement

Rehabilitation post-hip replacement starts immediately after surgery. Exercise post hip surgery is essential to achieving best outcomes and promoting full recovery. The whole rehabilitation period for a hip replacement can take between 3 to 6 months, but in some cases, it may last longer depending on patient progress.

A highly qualified member of the team at Total Health Physio will come to your home or aged care facility and assess you in your own environment. We will set a realistic goal and tailor your exercise program towards reaching that goal.

During this time the dedicated Physiotherapist at Total Health Physio will:

  • Monitor your progress and your use of gait aid
  • Give you all the necessary advice and contraindications of your surgery
  • Teach you specific exercises to strengthen your hip to restore movement to an optimal level
  • Help you manage any pain you may be experiencing
  • Help you return to your previous level of mobility and other activities of daily living

Personalised Hip Surgery Recovery from Our Caring Team

For almost a decade, the staff at Total Health Physio have been providing aged care physiotherapy across Melbourne. Every day, our dedicated team of qualified physiotherapists focus on making a positive contribution to our patients’ lives, by personalising treatment plans to ensure their recovery is handled with care, for our core purpose is to provide physiotherapy for elderly and mobility impaired individuals with trust and compassion. Our services can be used for specific surgery or rehab needs, as well as improvements in strength, mobility and balance. Along with rehabilitation post-surgery, we can also assist with balance issues and rehab for seniors.

Contact Us for At-Home Physiotherapy in Melbourne

If you require physiotherapy post hip replacement in the comfort of your home, please get in touch with our caring team at Total Health Physio by calling 0412 558 933.