Physiotherapy for Home Care Package Holders

Total Health Physio provides Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy for homecare clients and partners with approved home care providers.

We are mobile across Melbourne and visit people in their homes. Our clinicians are kind and caring. Under homecare packages, it is our goal to help people remain living at home for longer, more independent and with a greater quality of life.

  • Home Visiting Team
  • University Qualified
  • Experienced Homecare Provider
  • Servicing Melbourne

Total Health Physio has been providing services to clients with home care packages since 2012. Clients find our service highly motivating and we develop long lasting relationships with our clients.

Home is where the heart is!

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HomeCare Physiotherapy

With home care physiotherapy, our primary focus is rehabilitation at home.  We work on:

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Improved strength, mobility and balance
  • Fine & gross motor skills
  • Falls prevention

Patients who have experienced a fall or discharge from hospital may have already had rehab at a facility for several weeks. We can then assist to transition them back into their own home with the aim of maximising independence and function.

Other patients who have experienced a decline in mobility utilise our services to help improve their overall function to keep them moving and mobilising safely in their home and community.

HomeCare Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists visit people in their homes to perform comprehensive assessments, recommendations, report writing and

  • Equipment prescription – wheelchairs, walkers, transfer devices, kitchen equipment
  • Home modifications – access changes, rails, ramps, doorways, bathroom modifications
  • Skills development – upper limb therapy, community access, energy conservation
  • Assessments – private assessments, home environment assessments and AT assessments

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  • Our Physiotherapists are registered with AHPRA and highly experienced
  • Save time, we are mobile and come to you
  • We were founded in 2011 with a passion for working with the elderly community
  • We employ a great team of friendly and passionate therapists who are skilled in their profession
  • We have processes to match clients with the ideal therapist depending on their needs

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  • In what ways is homecare Physiotherapy holistic?

    Physiotherapy often includes exercise prescriptions for building strength, mobility, and balance.

    We also consider medications to see if there are any side effects that could impact our patient’s function. For example, some medications can cause dizziness and affect mobility.

    We aim to treat the patient holistically by completing an initial assessment where we identify the patient’s limitations and set our goals.

  • What is the outcome of a homecare Physiotherapy assessment?

    We then complete a management plan that outlines our Physiotherapy goals and how we are going to go about achieving them.

    This Management plan is shared with the patient and Home Care Package Case Manager. Thereafter, we work together with the patient weekly or fortnightly on our way to success in achieving the patient’s goals.

  • Can you share an example success story?

    Total Health Physio has helped thousands of patients across Melbourne.

    One patient we’ve been proud to assist was nearly 90 years old living in a small apartment. Her goal was for her to continue to live in her apartment, her home, for as long as possible.

    In order to access her home, she had to navigate two flights of stairs. Despite some mobility issues we have continued to work together to ensure this lady is able to navigate her stairs. She also loved the sunshine, and there is nothing better for the soul than fresh air so we would often perform our therapy outdoors.

    Her family reports that our sessions are really meaningful to her, and that she is always excited to see a caring Total Health therapist at her door. It is something she looks forward to each week.

    Like the patient in this example, we’re here to support all our patients so they can live meaningful lives at home.

  • Why choose Total Health Physio?

    Patient-directed care

    We will first review the patient through a thorough assessment and listen to what they want to achieve with us.

    From there, we’ll formulate a plan with our goals and then proceed with our services to work towards achieving these goals.

    Focus on functional outcomes

    At Total Health Physio, our services are a building block in our patients’ lives to enable them to live independently at home.

    Physiotherapy is about identifying the limitations of our patient and helping them improve that limitation and restore function to the highest level.

    We tailor each session to the individual by working specifically towards achieving their identified goal. These goals can vary from “reducing pain” to being able to walk 500m down to the coffee shop.

    Helping people live safe & meaningfully at home

    Often the main goal of our homecare clients is to continue living safely and comfortably at home. It is our mission to help facilitate this. Typically, this is performing tasks of everyday living, such as safely moving through the home and tasks such as safe transfers in the bathroom and bedroom.

    Helping people move better, feel better and enjoy homelife is what drives us in our profession!