Aged Care Physiotherapy Services

Total Health Physio has been delivering aged care physiotherapy since 2011. We proudly serve patients in aged care facilities and older adults living at home.

For elderly patients who live at home, they can access a home care package including:

  • 1:1 Physiotherapy sessions (manual therapy, rehabilitation, physicla therapy)
  • Falls prevention programs & education
  • Strength assessments & improvement
  • Prehabilitation & rehabilitation after surgery
  • Equipment prescription
  • Home mobility and independence

Total Health Physio is mobile across Metro Melbourne and the West and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We treat each patient with Trust, Compassion & Care. We smile a lot!

We Help Older Adults Through …

Our Caring Home Visiting Team

We visit people in their homes or aged care facility.

We provide comprehensive Physiotherapy services, this may include:

  • Exercise prescription
  • Exercise progression
  • Frequency of sessions
  • Posture correction
  • Education
  • Access to online Physiotherapy resources

Evidence-Based Sessions

During a session, we may perform a variety of evidence-based exercises and record this into our program’s journal. We visit people as often as they need.

We also review the supports and equipment in a person’s home. We help people understand different funding models (i.e. homecare, ACFI, private) that may be used on Physiotherapy.

Dedication to Patient Outcomes

Total Health Physio is dedicated to our patient’s outcomes.

Following the initial assessment, we will create a Management Plan that outlines our goals and strategies to help achieve these goals. We’ll create an exercise program based on the patient’s needs.

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We’ll bring a copy of the program to the session and go over the exercises so that our patients have a clear understanding of how to progress.

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Improving Frailty

Frailty is a geriatric syndrome characterised by age-associated decline. Several frailty models have been developed.

We believe frailty can be countered with a structured exercise routine and education. Physiotherapy helps people improve their blood flow, lowers the risk of muscle atrophy, improves mobility and strength.

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If a patient meets the standards of two or three of the models, they can be defined as frail to some degree. Signs of frailty include weakness, slowness, a low level of physical activity, self-reported exhaustion and unintentional weight loss.

Total Health Physio has worked with patients from 70 to over 100 years of age and seen positive results. We are committed to improving frailty and increasing strength in all our aged care patients.

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Individualised Aged Care Physiotherapy Plans

How does the difficulty of Physiotherapy progress?

There are many ways an exercise can be made more difficult, such as increased weight, time under tension, repetition, volume and more.

For a patient with the goal of improving respiratory health – in each successive session, we’ll try to increase the distance and do exercises specific to increasing cardiac function to improve endurance.

If the patient has a setback due to injury or other circumstance, we will consider performing other endurance-based exercises and we always cater to the patient’s needs.

How does Total Health Physio deliver quality aged care?

We’re flexible during sessions to ensure that we are working inline with the patient’s limitations and requirements. Even on days when a patient is not feeling at their best we will modify our sessions to ensure it is as effective as possible and target different areas that may be relevant to the patients need at the time.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care at EVERY appointment.

Why Choose Total Health Physio?

Total Health Physio is dedicated towards upholding our values of Trust, Compassion & Care

  • Our clinicians have extensive experience providing care to older adults
  • We take time to understand our elderly patients and develop individualised treatment plans
  • We’re friendly and patient, we will spend as much time as needed to help our patients set and achieve meaningful and realistic goals

To get started with Total Health Physio, please use our contact page to get in touch.

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  • Does Total Health Physio undertake residential aged care work?

    Yes. We are contacted to provide contracted services within RACF environments. Our residential aged care services include:

    • Manual handling training
    • Group & individual exercise classes
    • New resident assessments
    • Resident reviews
    • Falls assessments
    • Walking programs
    • Equipment prescription
    • Pain management

    Our treatments are ACFI approved.

  • Can Total Health Physio speak with my consented carers and family?

    Yes. Education for patients and their friends, family, and support network is included in our services.

    It’s important to understand what everyone can do to help keep an individual safe and mobile and achieve their physiotherapy goals.

    Total Health Physio is a holistic healthcare provider, meaning our services consider anyone who is supporting our patient to live their best life.

  • How has Total Health helped the community through aged care Physiotherapy?

    One lovely lady we worked with was in her eighties and non-ambulant following a femur fracture. Prior to her fracture she was very fit and had stayed active, but, after a fall, her dementia progressed and her mobility was negatively affected.

    We developed a plan to get her actively walking again. We first used a gutter frame and then moved to a four-wheel walker. As the sessions continued, the patient progressed. After nearly a year, she was happily doing laps of her garden and walking down the street with a carer or friend.

    We prescribed exercises for her to continue with her carers and family, so that she was empowered with her own physical therapy. Her progression was very impressive and her family was very appreciative of our support – how great!

  • How are goals determined?

    All of our treatment plans are individualised based on what our patients report to us during the initial consultation and our observations. We will listen to the patient’s medical history and consider this with a holistic mindset.

    Our treatments are focused around short-term and long-term goals to ensure that every session has a purpose.

    If a patient wants to work on their walking endurance, for example, then we will first assess their endurance by using an outcome measure such as a timed six-minute walk test to get a baseline measure.