OTs Helping with Social Skills

Occupational Therapists can assist someone with their social skills by integrating social interaction within their current day-to-day activities.

For example, suppose a person is working on being more independent with shopping. In that case, the Occupational Therapist could ensure the person has positive social interaction with the cashier when paying for their items.

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Our OTs Work With

Total Health Physio primarily works with teenagers and adult participants (over 12 years old) with a physical, neurological, and psychosocial disability.

We service the South-East and West Melbourne community. NDIS, Home Care Package and private paying participants are welcome to engage with Total Health Physio to build their social skills.

Behavioural Assessments

Behavioral assessments and reports need to be completed by a trained Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) clinician.

Total Health Physio currently has no trained PBS clinicians, but our therapists can recommend PBS funding in our functional reports.

Moving into Shared Accommodation

Our trained Occupational Therapists can complete a comprehensive functional capacity assessment and report to support you to obtain the appropriate funding for Supported Independent Living (SIL) or shared housing.

If there are appropriate Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy goals identified, the therapist will provide continuity of care to build your skills.

These goals could include integrating into the new home comfortably, increasing your participation in activities related to the new home and surrounding community, and building the capacity of your new supports to ensure they know how to best support you.

Social Skills: What We’ll Do During a Session

Each therapy session varies depending on the specific goal and current skills of the participant.

The general structure of a session involves:

  • Greeting and discussing the session plan
  • 1-2 activities relevant to your goal
  • Breaks (if and when required)
  • Wrap-up discussion of what we learned during the session
  • Discussion of any needed ongoing practice before the next appointment

Strategies & Skills for Social Settings

At Total Health Physio, we aim to build you and your support (e.g., family or support worker) skill/ capacity to achieve the goals meaningful and relevant to you.

We do this by completing in-depth assessments and providing individual/ tailored strategies specific to your skill level and learning preference (e.g., visual, aural, verbal, physical, etc.).

Social Skills FAQ

  • What is the difference between an OT and a psychologist in the management of social skills?

    Occupational Therapy can assist someone with their social skills by integrating social interaction within their current day-to-day activities.

    In contrast, a Psychologist involves cognitive-behavioural therapies that aim to change how a person perceives and comprehends their environment and understands appropriate social behaviours.

  • How can we simulate a social situation?

    As community-based Occupational Therapists, we aim to practice social skills in their natural setting.

    Depending on your goal, we can practice these skills at home, school, work, or the shops.

    If we cannot do this due to environmental barriers, we will use any support or props to replicate the environment and scenario the best we can.

  • What information from my family, GP, or other professional be helpful and why?

    When making your referral to Total Health Physio, sending through relevant documents such as your NDIS plans, medical history, previous assessments, and reports is very helpful for our therapists.

    Providing these documents allows our therapist to have a good understanding of who you are and your history before attending the appointment.