Social Participation

The Occupational therapists at Total Health Physio understand the importance of socialisation and help support their lovely clients with social participation.

COVID-19 has resulted in social isolation for many individuals. Using their unique expertise, our team works together with these individuals to get them back into the community and out interacting with other people again. For most of our clients, our focus is on developing actionable routines.

Social Participation in South-East Melbourne

How We Help People Access Social Environments

Our Occupational Therapists help people through:

  • Skills relating to public transportation
  • Developing daily routines
  • Prescription of mobility equipment
  • Improving walking patterns through functional rehabilitation or referrals to our Physiotherapists
  • Ensuring appropriate support from carers
  • Identifying meaningful goals to achieve
  • Managing fatigue
  • Ensuring the individual has appropriate emergency, sensory or communication devices
  • Ensuring transfers into vehicles are appropriate

A common scenario is to visit a client’s home, where they may express a goal such as “I’d love to go to the local shopping centre but get overwhelmed and anxious about getting there”. 

If indicated, our OTs will go through the process of going with their client to their social setting, so they can assess their mobility, behaviours and requirements. Our OTs are able to assist people to identify the appropriate care staff and ratios.

In other cases, our OTs are engaged to perform tasks such as home assessments and modifications, so socialisation is just one component of our service.

For each patient, we develop an individualised plan. While subtle, we believe that our trustworthy communication builds rapport and confidence to help people become social again.

Supporting Our Patients and Their Goals

In formulating goals and treatment plans, it’s important to understand the patient’s level of comfort, sensory requirements, fatigue management, anxiety and behaviour considerations.

The support of friends and family and any available support workers can also be an important factor in developing the skills they need to feel comfortable going out in the community.

Read Social Participation Success Stories

Success Story 1

Total Health Physio looks for innovative ways to encourage social participation and communication. For example, we worked with one lovely gentleman with autism whose meaningful goal was to play video games with another member at his housing and improve his muscle memory to input complex button patterns on the controller.

This goal helped him socialise with his friend and develop a sense of achievement from the newfound skill.

Success Story 2

We worked with a lovely lady who historically loved to go shopping however was feeling daunted by the task because of fatigue onset by her mental health.

Her goal was to make the experience enjoyable again. Our OT worked with her to discuss her energy conservation and ideal durations of walking per day. They made a plan and created a “social story” to “set the scene” and depict the process in pictures so she could visualise the steps necessary to go out to the shops again and in the community. This led to improved confidence and in conjunction with Physiotherapy support to help build her strength and endurance we were able to achieve her goal. This made us all SMILE!

Want to Partner with Total Health Physio?

From the first time we meet you, we’ll make it a priority to get to know you as an individual. Our therapists will dive deep into your goals, needs, and expectations and how we can work together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

At Total Health Physio, we work as a team, and we’re here to support you in comfortably and confidently engaging in day-to-day activities and routines at home and in the community. We strive to do what’s in the best interests of our patients in fulfilling our purpose, which is to improve the lives of those most vulnerable in our community on a daily basis.

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