Mental Health Assessments

At Total Health Physio, our first step to providing Mental Health support is conducting a functional assessment to gain insights into our client’s mental health status and overall functionality.

We then proceed to collaborate with the client in identifying their specific challenges and the support they require. The range of mental health issues we encounter is quite extensive, including conditions such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, among others.

The majority of our clients are NDIS participants, and their support is facilitated by a support coordinator. The support coordinator plays a crucial role in assisting the clients in exploring and arranging the necessary support services, as well as making referrals.

Purpose of Mental Health Assessments

Commonly, clients with mental health concerns struggle with motivation and organising their daily activities.

To address these difficulties, we work closely with them to develop effective strategies that boost motivation, enhance daily planning, and encourage active participation in their daily routines.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive support and assistance to clients in achieving better mental well-being and functionality.

Process of Conducting a Mental Health Assessment

As mentioned, our approach begins with a functional assessment, which is applicable to both clients with mental health issues and those with disabilities. Although the format remains largely similar, the focus may differ based on the client’s situation.

With mental health clients, our focus shifts to understanding their mood, motivation, thought processes, and overall well-being to identify the factors limiting their daily task participation.

During the initial assessment, we adopt an informal and conversational interview style to create a relaxed and comfortable environment. This approach is particularly helpful in alleviating any anxiety clients might have during their first meeting with us.

Depending on the client’s response, we may or may not use standardised assessments in the initial session. If further assessments are necessary, we can arrange a second session to gather more detailed information.

As for the goals of our clients, they vary based on individual needs. Many clients aim to regain the ability to participate in their daily tasks, which can encompass personal care, domestic activities, community engagement, or even returning to work or studies. Ultimately, our focus revolves around facilitating clients’ progress in the tasks and activities that are integral to their daily lives.

Reporting of a Mental Health Assessment

During a mental health assessment conducted by an Occupational Therapist (OT), we thoroughly explore all aspects of the client’s daily life, including personal care, domestic tasks, and community engagement.

Common Recommendations within a Mental Health Assessment:

  • Summary of the client’s functional abilities and limitations in various areas of daily life.
  • Identified needs and areas of concern.
  • Recommendations for specific support services, such as seeing a psychologist or engaging a support worker.
  • Strategies and interventions proposed by the Occupational Therapist (e.g. scheduling assistance, social skills training, sleep hygiene)
  • Guidelines on how to effectively utilise available funding to address the client’s needs.
  • An outline of the client’s goals and objectives for improving daily activities and overall well-being.
  • Goal setting and action plans

The assessment report is then utilised by the support coordinator to submit to the NDIS with our ongoing support.

Goals in Mental Health Settings

Typically, during our ongoing sessions with a client, we start by setting goals collaboratively. Once the goals are established, we break down the tasks required to achieve them. Short-term goals are formulated to pave the way towards attaining the long-term objective.

For instance, if a client aims to return to employment, we first identify the specific challenges hindering them, such as lack of motivation or difficulties concentrating in overwhelming environments. Then, we assist the client in exploring various strategies to address these smaller goals. As each short-term goal is accomplished, we move on to the next one, progressively advancing towards the long-term goal of returning to employment.

Throughout the process, constant communication with the client, their family, or their support worker remains essential. This allows us to receive feedback, ensuring that we are aligning with the client’s needs and staying on track with their requirements. Additionally, we have access to standardised assessments and checklists, which enable us to monitor the client’s progress accurately and ensure that we are making substantial strides towards achieving the established goals.

Regular evaluation and feedback play a crucial role in tailoring our approach to the client’s evolving needs and maximising the effectiveness of the intervention.

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At Total Health Physio, we often encounter clients with varied diagnoses, encompassing both mental health issues and physical/neurological disabilities.

For instance, some clients may initially present with a physical disability, but due to their challenges in performing tasks independently, they may experience depression. This overlap of conditions is not uncommon, and we have experience in addressing such complex cases.

Our caring and compassionate approach allows us to consider the interplay between mental health and physical well-being, ensuring that we provide tailored assessments and interventions to support our clients effectively.

Our team is equipped to provide compassionate care and holistic solutions to improve our client’s health and well-being.

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Reviews Of Our Occupational Therapy Services

Itai T Client

Very happy with Julia’s work. Her report was incredibly detailed, with recommendations that covered all my needs and more supports than I would have asked for. She also provides great follow-up, making sure I get everything I need and know how to use it. Definitely recommended.

Brendon H Client

I am so happy to have a wonderful Occupational therapist Natalie. She is a good therapist who is working with me and my family and helping me with my disability and I can't thank her more than enough for her help.

Con N Client

As I am a veteran, miss Winnie Hui I have found her an excellent therapist and well spoken. She has tried more then her way to support my needs and my health. She is well spoken and above her work. She goes over her way and above to get her result to please myself to get the equipment for my health ,to do daily activities and achieve my goals. We need more people like her in this industry, excellent done.

Travis B Client

Winnie is friendly, polite and very good at her job. She has been great help with making me independent

Dee Y Client

Great experience with OT Julia Caplan who provided advice on our home modifications for our disabled son, along with other useful advice. She knew exactly how to connect with a young adult in a respectful way.

Boz S Client

Thanks to Jojo and the team at Total Health Physio, I was able to finally get the assistance I needed to be able to apply for NDIS. Jojo is very understanding and was able to provide simple solutions for things I have struggled with for years. Her report captured my needs and what was important to me as well as my ability to achieve day to day tasks. Hope to continue working with Jojo when I need an OT.