Occupational Therapy Learning Supports

There are many skills involved in attending university or TAFE. This could include social skills, transportation skills, time management, stress management, concentration, and many more.

Our Occupational Therapist can assist in assessing and identifying any barriers that you could face while attending university.

If any barriers are identified, our Occupational Therapists can assist you in overcoming them through skill development, equipment prescriptions, home modifications, or recommendation for other services such as Physiotherapy.

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Accessing Educational Campuses

Our team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Exercise Physiologists can assist you in accessing the community in various ways.

Depending on your goal and skill level, we can help you to access the community through skill development (e.g., understanding how to catch public transport), equipment prescriptions (e.g., wheelchair), home modifications (e.g., ramps), or recommendation for other services such as Psychology.

Teenage african american female student studying while sits at the table in the college library, reads books to searching information for a lesson or exam, doing homework and notes, gaining knowledge

Home Educational Environment

Our Occupational Therapists can complete assessments to identify the barriers you may be experiencing when studying at home or in the community.

Our occupational therapist can strategise a plan to optimise your study skill habits and study environment from the results. These may include equipment prescriptions, home modifications, or recommendations for other services such as Psychology. Each plan is individualised to you depending on your skills, barriers, and goal.

Table with laptop in home office interior

Managing Learning Fatigue

Our Occupational Therapists will factor in your fatigue, how it impacts your studying, and further explore the cause of your fatigue.

By understanding the reason for your fatigue, the Occupational Therapist can determine the best way to achieve your studying goal.

Strategies could include pacing, prioritising, assistive technology, etc.

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Technology for Studying

Helpful equipment or technology cannot be determined until the Occupational Therapist understands your goals and completes assessments to identify potential facilitators and barriers to achieving the goal.

Various equipment or technology that could help include a laptop/ tablet (for communication or remote learning purposes only), sensory items, reduction of items, mobility aids, etc.

Visually impaired working on computer with assistive technology; braille display and screen reader.

Carers Attending Campus With Participants

Our Occupational Therapist can complete an assessment to identify whether or not you would benefit from a support worker assisting you with attending university.

The assessment could include formal assessment, functional assessment, and trials.

If it is identified that you would benefit from this support, the Occupational Therapist can complete a functional report or write a supporting letter.

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