Lift Options and Home Modifications

Did you know there are modern lift options available to use inside residential homes to transport individuals from one level to another?

Following an assessment by an Occupational Therapist, if deemed appropriate we can prescribe a lift and manage the complex home modifications required to install one.

Lifts are usually only required and prescribed for patients who have significant mobility needs.

Because they are such high-cost, high-risk items, they are seldom approved by the NDIS. However they will be considered where the cost of living in the home with a lift would be cheaper than relocating somewhere else with equivalent support.

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Types of Lifts

There are multiple types of lifts available. The right one will depend on the patient’s condition and the structure of the home. Our OT’s will help you determine the most suitable lift for your needs. Some examples are:

Chair lifts – If the space or structure of the home does not permit a full lift installation, a chair lift could be an option. Chair lifts can also be significantly cheaper. Instead of changing the structure of the house for a lift to move between levels, a chair lift can be installed right in the stairway. This option may also be preferred and funded by the NDIS.

However, in some instances, the stairway space may be too narrow with a chair lift impacting access for other people. This is one case where we’d consider a full lift installation.

Gate lifts – If negotiating interior steps is a concern, the patient would walk into the lift, close the gate and be lifted up to the flat surface.

Fully enclosed lifts – Once inside, the doors close and transport you from one level to another. A popular option for residential spaces is the smaller, compact RESiLIFT, which is installed by a builder/engineer.

Control options will vary by manufacturer and will be discussed at your appointment.

Home Assessments for Lifts

Our experienced OT team at Total Health Physio is on hand to perform home assessments and determine if a lift could work for you.

We would first visit your home and perform a functional assessment to understand your needs and requirements, including any expected progression of your diagnosis and disease. When it comes to an NDIS application for funding, understanding the progression of your condition is important.

After we review the home environment and physical space, we would arrange a builder and/or engineer to attend a joint visit. They would take measurements and photos of the home and then generate a quote for the installation.

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Home Lift Installation Process

Each builder is typically affiliated with a specific lift company. Depending on what that company offers, you could select a lift that is considered reasonable and appropriate for your condition. Your OT is available to consult with as well to be sure the right option is selected.

Once the funding application has been approved by the relevant body, our OTs and the builder will confirm a  construction plan and timeline with you. Please note, it can take over 4 weeks to fully install, because significant structural changes are required.

Once the lift is installed, the OT will revisit the home to help support the patient with relevant adjustments to using the lift. We can help train the patient, family members, and any carers on manual handling techniques and safety practices.

Why Choose Total Health Physio for a Lift Project?

We’ve had a great success rate in getting lifts approved for patients in varying circumstances.

  • We are capable of both simple and complex, high cost modifications
  • We employ senior OTs in which home modifications, including prescribing lifts, are within our scope of practice
  • We provide detailed communication and reporting

We use our clinical reasoning in order to obtain the best possible outcome for each participant, and our OTs are always on hand to help support patients throughout the entire process.

Please use our contact page to get started.