Kitchen Modifcations

Our OT’s are skilled in assessing people in their homes to ensure their living and kitchen space is appropriate for the individual depending on their needs and mobility.

We offer turn-key kitchen modification services, which are managed by our OT’s. The average kitchen modification project takes between 3-12 months to complete.

We also perform meal preparation assessments, where we observe how the participant moves and manages in their environment to identify safety concerns and discuss potential modifications or equipment that would assist the person in living independent meaningful lives.

How We Welp Optimise Kitchen Environments

Examples of risks in kitchens we are well placed to assist with include:

  • The layout and functionality of the kitchen
  • Ensuring the floor is flat and safe
  • Ensuring all cupboards are accessible
  • Ensuring wheelchair accessibility (e. space underneath the sink, preparation area, cooktop, etc)
  • Choosing appropriate appliances and fit outs
  • Assessing a person’s fine motor skills and how that translates into daily living in the kitchen
  • Recommending assistive technology to support a person to remain independent in the kitchen

Our caring OT will perform a comprehensive assessment of the entire house to ensure all aspects of everyday living are accounted for.

Rehabilitation to Support Kitchen Modifications

In the kitchen, it is important that a person has appropriate finger dexterity and hand manipulation skills to safely operate devices such as can openers, kettles and utensils. Our OTs will train our client on any relevant equipment that is prescribed with the kitchen modifications.

Our OTs will work in conjunction with our awesome Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology team, we are a holistic provider of healthcare.

If we identify that a person requires physiotherapy or exercise physiology (for example, someone rehabilitating upper limb control after a stroke), we would make the suggestion and assist with the referral.

Family with handicapped son bakes waffles

Understanding what the Kitchen Will Look Like

Our OT’s will work in conjunction with a builder and our client to draw up plans for modifications. The plans are shown to our clients to receive consent prior to commencing any work. 

The client always has choice and control in regards to builders/materials. Our OT’s can help organise quotes and liaise with builders on the clients behalf, which is most common. NDIS participants can request some of their funding be used toward kitchen modifications. Clients are also able to self-fund some of the costs.

Ultimately, the design of the kitchen should be safe, reasonable and necessary for the participant.

Does the Builder Need to be NDIS Registered?

This depends on how the person is managing their plan.

If the person has an NDIA managed plan, then the builder does need to be NDIS registered.

For self and plan managed participants, the person is able to choose the builder or request Total Health Physio to help identify one.

It’s important to note that the builder we work with must understand the Australian guidelines for disability building, which are very different standards from commonplace building standards.

Total Health Physio works with all NDIS participants regardless of how they are managing their plan.

Why Should I Choose Total Health Physio?

The awesome team at Total Health Physio are caring and want the best for our clients. We work together with the participant to design a kitchen that is safe, practical and encourages independnce for the participant.

  • We are NDIS registered
  • We smile A LOT – compassion is just as important as clinical excellence
  • We visit your home, save time, we come to you
  • We provide detailed reporting and communication

Please use our contact page to talk with our trustworthy team.

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