Bathroom Modification Occupational Therapy Service

Elderly individuals or people living with a disability are those who may typically require bathroom modifications. They usually exhibit a degree of immobility, are at a high risk of falls or have a bathroom environment that is not safe for them to continue using in their household.

When performing a bathroom modification, we also consider:

  • Transfer devices such ceiling or mobile hoists
  • Aids and equipment to be considered or trialed prior to modifications e.g commodes, grab rails or shower chairs
  • Considering the need for circulation space when using wheelchairs/walkers in the bathroom
  • Access to the physical environment, such as a bath underneath a shower or a shower floor lip, that is impeding access

Safe bathroom environments are important so people can maintain their hygiene safely and with dignity. This translates into many areas of life. Our caring OTs are here to help people achieve that!

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Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly people in the bathroom

How does Total Health’s OTs Make Bathrooms Safer?

One of the most common modifications is to make a flat access shower. This often involves partial or full demolition of a previous bathroom. When a shower is removed, often the waterproofing underneath the shower is broken and will need to be replaced.

Flat access means minimising the thresholds entering the room, entering the shower space and also achieving a consistent floor so that moving in that environment is predictable (that is why rubber mats may not be appropriate).

We also make bathrooms safer by considering the following:

  • New lighting
  • Accessible cupboards, rails and mirrors
  • New vanities – often with blunt edges
  • Considering the use of wheelchairs – space for circulation and accessibility of vanities
  • Possibly the removal of shower screens altogether

Our compassionate team will help you design the most appropriate bathroom for your needs.

Modern handicapped bathroom for the elderly and disabled, with grab bars and wheelchair access

Environments We Work In

Total Health Physio works in many settings. We are experienced with

  • Residential aged care
  • Private homes and apartments
  • SIL and SDA compatible housing

In all cases, we follow the Australian standards and regulations for building requirements surrounding bathroom modifications.

We work closely with the property owner (in the event the property is not owner-occupied) to seek approval for the projects

Funding schemes

The two most common funding schemes we operate under are the NDIS and home care packages.

We are also able to perform independent assessments for privately-paying clients.

Please contact us and our lovely administration team will be happy to answer questions relating to finance.

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The ideal outcome of working with us is that the person feels safe and they have a reduced risk of falls and increased quality of life by being able to engage in hygiene tasks.

  • We are NDIS registered
  • We visit your home with a big smile
  • We offer turn-key project management
  • We are Australian owned and operated

Please use our contact page to get in touch, we treat all people with Trust, Compassion and Care.

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