Who Can Access Home Modifications

Total Health Physio is proud to offer home modifications under several capacities, which include:

  • NDIS Participants
  • Home Care Package Clients
  • Private clients

This service is performed by our experienced and compassionate Occupational Therapists and at times, our OTs are supported by our Physiotherapists.

The objective of home modifications is to support people in feeling confident, safe and mobile while accessing or living in their home. This ultimately allows individuals to live at home more independently and for longer!

Home Modifications Video

Home Modification Process

Minor & Major Home Modifications

We can assist with a full range of in-home modifications including:

  • Ramps
  • Stair climbers
  • Hoists
  • Bath/shower modifications
  • Kitchen design
  • Home access modifications
  • Assistive Technology Modifications (intercoms, lighting, communication modifications etc)

We are capable of handling complex projects.

Home Modification Process

The first stage is our initial consultation. During this 1 to 3 hour consultation, we meet with you to discuss your individual needs. During this consultation, we will assess the environment and look at what changes can be made. We will take measurements, as well as assess the scope of works and reporting that is required.

Typically, we allow up to 10 hours for the initial assessment and complex home modification report.

We will submit our reports to the relevant bodies (NDIS, MyAgedCare, RACF) etc and perform the communication to approve the reasonable and necessary home modifications.

NDIS Registered OTs in Melbourne

Re-assessing Patient Outcomes

The initial follow up relates to helping that person or their carers operate in that new environment.

Typically, afterwards, we follow up with a three-month check-in with the client. This period can be longer or shorter depending on individual needs (this will be stipulated in our service agreement).

This is for two reasons: firstly, to make sure the modifications are working well for them, and secondly, to make sure that there are no changes to their mobility status or to their physical capacity. After this three month follow up, we then schedule a further check-up in six months to ensure all needs are still being met.

Supporting Adaptation to New Home Environments

Total Health Physio will provide the necessary manual handling training to help relevant staff or carers work with the patient safely.

This is a significant part of our service when it comes to home modifications.

For example, it is important that both clients and caregivers feel confident and safe engaging with support equipment such as property access, hoists, standing machines, stair climbers and the like.

Modifications in Temporary Accommodation

It is imperative that people receive the support they require, so there is legislation governing this.

In some cases, the modifications have a low environmental impact and are not permanent changes, nor do they affect the structure of the building, so approval is often easily achievable.

In the scenario where modifications have a significant impact, we will perform the majority of the liaison with the building owner for approval.

Additionally, it is possible to hire equipment, allowing the person to move properties and have options.

Each client is assessed and assisted on a case by case basis; our team at Total Health Physio would take all of your circumstances into account and work to find a solution that is going to meet your needs.

Ready to Enquire About Home Modifications?

We have a passionate and vibrant Occupational Therapy Allied Health team to deliver our wonderful services.

  • We have experienced senior OTs
  • We are mobile and visit people in their homes
  • We are experienced submitting home modifications to the NDIS/NDIA
  • We help patients achieve greater independence

We believe our values of trust, compassion & care are integral for us to serve the community. Please use our contact page to get started.