Toilet Prescription

Toileting is a natural daily task that most individuals take for granted but those with a physical disability or those with mobility impairment can confirm it can be an arduous task.

We understand that this simple activity can be optimised to make it easier for the individual suffering from any impairments that limit their ability to toilet eaily and independently.

There are different types of toilets and related assistive technology (such as transfer devices) to facilitate safer toileting, transfers and hygiene to promote independence.

Total Health Physio employs caring Occupational Therapists who perform bathroom assessments. We are mobile across Melbourne.

Mobile Throughout South East Melbourne

Types of Toilets

Transfer toilet aids / Over toilet Frame / toilet seat raiser / toilet surround, commode or a bidet / toilet grab rails / Bedside Commode.

We are mindful of people’s dignity and preferences when prescribing toilets and assistive equipment around the bathroom and we hope to earn your trust.

Who Should Undergo a Bathroom Assessment?

The above listed items are appropriate for participants with decreased mobility, strength, are a fall risk or have a physical disability that limits their ability to transfer onto the toilet. People that consider this service are usually:

  • Residential aged care members
  • People living with a physical or neurological condition
  • Those recovering from surgery
  • Those with a history of falls
  • Those with a recent change of mobility or capacity
  • Those wanting a comprehensive home safety assessment

Total Health Physio works with adults (over 14) and a variety of funding schemes. Please contact us to discuss service delivery and pricing.

Modern handicapped bathroom for the elderly and disabled, with grab bars and wheelchair access

Toilet Prescription Process at Total Health Physio

To start the process with us, please use our contact or referrals pages to make a referral or provide us information regarding your request for service.

We are a boutique provider and suitable for those looking for a professional, caring and dedicated approach to healthcare. We’re here for you!

Our lovely OT will complete a functional assessment and make a recommendation for the appropriate item in regards to toileting.

Once the report has been completed and sent to the support coordinator, case manager, family member or any other individual involved, the OT will offer to arrange a quote, invoice or trial of the relevant item.

Way to save toilet tissues by using toilet bidet seat add on during covid 19 pandemic

In regards to a Bidet, which is a higher cost/ risk item – the OT will need to obtain the appropriate measurements during the functional assessment and complete the appropriate reports and engage with a builder to proceed with the quote for installation.

As a holistic healthcare provider, we may also make recommendations for other bathroom and home modifications. Our focus is your overall well being and independence.

Total Health Physio is Ready to Help

In fact, just recently, we helped an NDIS participant who reported that her toilet was too low and this exacerbated her knee pain. We recommended an over toilet frame to provide an increase in support during transfers and to reduce her risk of falls – what a great outcome!

Please note that:

  • We are NDIS registered
  • Our OTs come to your place of residence
  • We were established in 2011
  • Our clinicians are university-trained and registered with AHPRA

For healthcare with Trust, Compassion & Care, please use our contact page to get started, we’d love to work with you.

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