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A mechanical bed is a form of assistive equipment in the home that can be adjusted to suit the person’s sleeping needs (i.e. such as a foot and head tilt, high and low, or an entire bed tilt).

Mechanical beds are electrically operated devices that are connected to the powerpoint, which is important because they lower the need for manual handling when adjusting a bed. Therefore, lowering risk of manual handling injury. They are also very easy to operate.

Our compassionate Occupational Therapists visit people in their homes to review their home environments and then prescribe the correct mechanical bed for their individual situation.

Customisation for Mechanical Beds


The mattresses that are designed for the mechanical bed must have particular coils as they need to be able to fold with the bed, so it needs to be a specific type of mattress.

We will also consider the softness/firmness of the mattress and manage any pressure care concerns for our client.

Bed table

This is a table that is designed to go over the bed so people can enjoy leisure activities or eating whilst in bed. It can also be used to store belongings. There are also versions that tilt allowing for easier reading of books.

Bedside commode

This is a chair that sits next to the bed with a bucket so that individuals who are unable to travel between the bedroom and toilet can use them.

They are height adjustable for users of different specifications and have non-slip rubber feet.

Considerations When Prescribing a Mechanical bed

Prescribing the correct bed is important for comfort and promoting quality sleep. Some of the considerations are:

  • Carers manual handling considerations when supporting a person in and out of bed
  • Location and controls of the bed – the client understanding how to appropriately use the back rest, knee lift, raising and lowering and combinations of these movements
  • Minimising the profile of the bed so that space in the bedroom is maximised
  • Understanding that bedside rails are typically not used as they create accessibility issues
  • Modern features such as USB connectivity, battery backups, etc

Total Health Physio is experienced in supporting people to receive a cost effective and clinically appropriate mechanical bed.

Advanced Functions of Mechanical Beds

Mechanical beds have different functions.

One of the functions is customisable height. Having the bed low to the floor would be of use in situations where someone is a high falls risk.

There are also situations where we want the bed to be elevated, for example, to assist someone to transfer out of bed who has poor lower limb strength, so we can place them at the correct knee angle to generate power to stand.

An additional function is the head tilt, which is designed to reduce pressure injuries and also for people to sit up in bed and without restrictions to blood flow.

A recent development is monkey bar handle that sits above the bed to assist people using their arms to pull themselves upwards in bed.

Spacial Requirements for Mechanical Beds

It is important that there is adequate space on either side of the mechanical bed.

That way the individual can access the bed from either their left side or right side depending on their stronger or weaker side.

It’s also important to allow space for other assistive technologies such as hoist and lifting machines and carers.

Considerations to a room where two people may occupy the space will be accounted for by our caring, experienced OTs.

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Eligible funding schemes for a mechanical bed with Total Health Physio include NDIS participants, homecare package holders and private paying clients.

  • We can support you to submit equipment request forms to receive funding for your bed
  • We have prescribed hundreds of beds to our wonderful clients throughout Melbourne
  • Our OTs are university-trained, kind and caring
  • Save time, we visit your home and you will be supported by our Australian administration team

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