Bed Prescription

There are different types of AT items to facilitate safer bed transfers to promote independence.

Total Health Physio is experienced in providing assessments, prescription and ongoing support for individuals looking to optimise their bed. Whether it be a mechanical or standard bed in order to take into consideration safety with transfers and night-time safety our dedicated Occupational Therapist will perform an assessment and prescribe the appropriate bed for your needs.

We employ highly capable and experienced Occupational Therapists who are mobile across Melbourne. We work with clients (over14 years of age) including NDIS participants, homecare package holders, private paying individuals and more.

Our OTs will complete a comprehensive assessment – taking into account all areas of the house, not just the bedroom. You can count on us for a professional and warm service to meet your needs.

Mobile OTs in Melbourne

Types of Beds 

  • Leg Lifter
  • Mechanical

Who is Bed Prescription Appropriate For?

This is appropriate for participants who have difficulties with bed transfers due to a decrease in mobility and increased risk of falls.

This could also be:

  • Those living with a physical or neurological disability
  • Those looking to improve safety in their residential aged care, Supported Independent Living, shared or private home
  • Those recovering post surgery
  • Those with a history of falls

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How Does the Process Work at Total Health Physio?

Electrical adjustable patient bed in hospital room. Technology of medical and hospital services.

Please contact us or place a referral via our referrals page to start the process.

Once we have completed the referral and we have scheduled an appointment our lovely OT will visit you at your home or primary place of residence.

The OT will complete a functional assessment and provide a list of recommended beds to support the individuals needs.

Once the report has been completed and sent to the relevant party, the OT will offer to arrange a quote, invoice and trial of the relevant item to ensure the individual is able to use the item safely.

This may be a trial in the home with a bedding specialist company or a trial at a bedding retail store.

The OT will meet you at your home with the supplier or can meet you at the bed supplier to trial different beds and options.

Total Health Physio encourages choice and control.

You can purchase the bed from any provider you wish (assuming they are compatible with your funding/plan type).

Read a Wonderful Success Story

A participant was having difficulty with bed transfers. As a result of spasticity in his lower limbs he had difficulty lifting his legs onto the bed.

He found strategies to manage his bed transfers, however this took over 15 minutes to complete every morning and evening and resulted in increased fatigue, exhaustion and naturally also lots of frustration.

As the participants’ diagnosis is degenerative his motor control continued to decline over time. The OT recommended a mechanical bed to assist with bed transfers. The OT arranged a trial with the participant to ensure he was safe when using the mechanical bed. The OT completed the appropriate documents and the item was approved.

Sleeping is a natural daily task therefore it is important that we ensure an optimal environment to improve a person’s safety, comfort and to get a good night’s rest. This all translates into improved quality of life!

Total Health Physio is Ready to Help

Total Health Physio offers many types of Assistive Technology prescription. Importantly, we perform our role with Trust, Compassion and Care.

  • We are NDIS registered
  • Save time, we come to you
  • Our OTs are in-house and university-trained
  • We are prompt, professional and supportive

To see if Total Health Physio is right for you, please contact us, we’d love to meet you and assist you get a better night’s sleep by helping you choose the correct bed for you!

Bed Prescription FAQ

  • How are beds prescribed for people who are sleeping with a person beside them? 

    A mechanical bed can be recommended and purchased with the additional companion bed for a participant who sleeps with a partner at night.

    The bed will look like a standard queen bed, however one side will have a hi lo/ head and foot tilt function while the companion bed will not generally have any functions unless necessary and reasonable.

  • How is transferring from beds to walking or wheelchair considered? 

    The use of a mechanical bed can assist with transfers onto walking frames easily due to the hi/lo and head and foot tilt function.

    An individual who requires a wheelchair may require assistance from a carer/ health professional for all transfers, including bed transfers.

    A comprehensive assessment will be undertaken, including observation of transfers, as well as assessment of mobility in the home and community.

  • How can beds translate to safer living environments? 

    An appropriate bed can assist with easing pressure on joints, supporting posture and promoting a better night sleep.

    There is evidence to suggest that a good night’s sleep can reduce stress, improve memory, increase mood and can help the body recover.

    These functions are essential for an individual to maintain their level of independence and ability to access the community.


  • How are electronic beds controlled? 

    An electronic bed can be moved in various positions with the use of a remote control.

    Some controls can be more complex if there are many different functions, whereas some controls can be simple and easy to use.

    This depends on the type of mechanical bed that has been purchased. The idea is that the individual presses the appropriate buttons to raise and lower the bed to the most comfortable position.