Caring Allied Healthcare

In 2011 Total Health Physio & Allied Health introduced our mobile physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology services to Windsor and nearby suburbs in Melbourne. Our values are based on trust, compassion and care.

Many of those we work with are NDIS coordinators or adult NDIS participants. Others we welcome, include:

  • Local area coordinators
  • Aged care facility managers
  • Home care clients
  • Referrals

In the past decade, we’ve earned a reputation for quality care that takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of the elderly and individuals with a disability, including those under the NDIS. We are registered providers.

Home Visiting in Windsor

Please view the maps below to see our coverage:

Our Services

Apart from our specialist care for the elderly, we also offer services for those with a range of physical and neurological disabilities, and their associated needs. Our services in Windsor include:


Physiotherapy interventions for older people include stretching and strengthening exercise programs and working with activities to improve balance. We are primarily engaged to provide assessments and rehabilitation. The bespoke exercise programs designed by our therapists help their clients achieve their goals of:

  • More independent living, for longer
  • Improved strength and mobility (with the additions of equipment such as walking aids if needed)
  • Better balance
  • Rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Managing or reducing pain

Occupational Therapy

We work with individuals in Windsor from those requiring private home visits, to NDIS participants, homecare package clients and aged care facilities offering care services. Our occupational therapists assess the living or home layout to assist with:

  • Request forms for NDIS/NDIA
  • Equipment trials
  • Project management and quotes for home modifications
  • The prescription of assistive technology including gait aids, electric and manual wheelchairs, bathroom and kitchen aids, and beds
  • Home modifications and equipment prescription, including assessments, quotes, and assistive technology needs

Exercise Physiology

A young black disabled woman with a wheelchair and a bright colored sweater and her Asian friend walk around the city.

Clinical exercise interventions for people with a broad range of health issues. Rehab based approach looking at the overall wellbeing of the individual.

The three pillars of our work with the elderly regarding occupational therapy are education exercise and rehabilitation. These strategies and techniques are used to sharpen our clients’ fine and basic motor skills to maintain mobility and improve their dexterity.

Total Health Physio – Professional Healthcare

We are a trusted provider of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology in Windsor. In the past decade, we have shown our commitment to quality of service and empathy. This has only been possible to put into action because of our detailed and exceptional approach to recruitment. Our Physiotherapists are all registered with the APA and AHPRA, while our occupational therapists possess Bachelor of Occupational Therapy qualifications as a basic requirement. Similarly, our Exercise Physiologists are Essa accredited.  Most importantly, they are chosen for their experience and caring approach to those they engage with.

With a view of helping each client achieve their goals, their focus is on cutting-edge, personalised therapy and exercises. They integrate where possible with support coordinators and home care providers, because we know the best approach is a team approach.

Transparency, responsiveness, communication, and dependable service are at the heart of everything we do. That’s one reason why we guarantee in-depth progress reports as part of our service. This helps every stakeholder keep updated on individual goals and measures the impact of the therapy on achieving them.

We provide clinical progress updates, suggestions on changes to the plan, and most importantly, an impression on the overall physical and mental wellbeing of the clients as seen from the perspective of our clinicians. This personal approach is what sets us apart and makes all the difference to those we work with.

We partner with NDIS coordinators and Local Area Coordinators. All role players in the care of the elderly are encouraged to contact with us to see how we can offer you support and value.

Ready to partner with Total Health Physio?

Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and exercise physiology for the aged and individuals with a disability are both our specialty and our passion. Our clinicians have the experience and knowledge to work with the elderly, offering them the specialist care and support their status requires.

Our therapists are mobile, so we will visit clients whether they are home-based or in a care facility.

When you choose to work with Total Health Physio, we will ensure we match you with the best physiotherapist, occupational therapist or exercise Physiologist for your particular needs . We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we endeavour to assess the therapeutic needs holistically, which will lead to personalised therapies, goal setting and additional support for every client. Their rehabilitation goals and needs are always at the forefront of our service delivery.

If further support such as equipment prescription, home modifications or assistive equipment is required, we will assist with assessments and the prescription. For home-based clients, making adaptations and modifications to their home environment allows them to be independent for longer and improves their quality of life.

For those living in Windsor, we offer home-based care too. We would love to have the opportunity to discuss how we can help you or someone in your care.