Compassionate Allied Health Provider

Total Health Physio & Allied Health is a provider of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Services to the elderly and NDIS community. We predominantly serve adults (over 18) with a disability and the elderly community.

Our therapists are highly experienced and possess a wealth of expertise across different healthcare verticals. We conduct initial assessments to quantify deficiencies and then establish effective healthcare plans to help people live their best life!

Our staff form strong and compassionate relationships with our patients. We set meaningful goals together – when a goal is meaningful – it is likely the patient will be motivated towards achieving that goal. Treatment plans are tailored towards the individual and scaled (i.e. making the exercises more difficult over time) to ensure our success is measurable.

Mobile throughout Toorak

Please view the maps below to see our coverage:

Our clinicians are mobile throughout South-East Melbourne and Toorak is a core suburb we provide our services in.

Our Services



Physiotherapy plays a central role in helping patients to increase their physical capabilities.

We adopt a holistic approach to help people with:

  • Functional movement patterns
  • Managing chronic symptoms
  • Increasing whole body strength & conditioning
  • Developing a greater range of movement
  • Falls prevention and Balance training
  • Setting realistic goals & achieving them

All of these work together to significantly improve quality of life.

At Total Health Physio our Physiotherapists work with patients to develop evidence-based rehabilitation and strategies to help them live their best life.

NDIS Participants


We are a registered NDIS provider and are passionate about supporting people living with a disability. Referrals are not required to access our NDIS services.

We assist clients who are at home as well as those in Supported Independent Living environments or Specialist Disability Accommodation.

We deliver compassionate Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services.

Specific to the NDIS, we perform

  • NDIS plans & reviews
  • Assistive Technology (AT) request forms & reviews
  • Improve daily living – skills for increased independence and community access
  • Managing home modifications

We work with adult participants (over 18) and provide a boutique service experience.



The role of an Occupational Therapist will vary depending on each client’s needs. In many cases, a patient will receive both OT and Physio services.

Our OTs can assist with any or all of the following:

  • Skill building towards all aspects of daily life (gross & fine physical skills, cognitive skills, falls prevention, etc)
  • Prescribing assistive equipment such as scooters, hoists, wheelchairs or walkers
  • Managing equipment trials and conducting equipment reviews
  • Environmental modifications such as handrails, ramps, entrance ways and more


We provide expert Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy to homecare clients.

Total Health Physio has clinicians that specialise in Gerontology and our company has a long history in aged care.

We help homecare clients with:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Falls risk assessments & prevention strategies
  • Prescription of Assistive Equipment
  • Physical and Neurological rehabilitation

We deliver effective healthcare within the budget of varying homecare funding levels.

We are experienced integrating with support coordinators and other healthcare providers to deliver the absolute best outcomes!

Most importantly, we help people to become happy, safe and independent at home, for longer!

Patient Success Stories from Toorak

In 2019, we were referred to a patient who had a recent fall where he fractured his wrist, he was unable to move due to pain and stiffness. We learned that he absolutely loves his morning and afternoon tea. It was his meaningful goal to be able to safely pour and drink his cuppa.

We were determined to achieve this goal. We created an exercise-rehabilitation plan with an emphasis on strength exercises for his hand and wrist, namely:

  • Grip strength tools – increasing resistance as necessary
  • Working with putty (working through the range of motion to close the hand and also tendon gliding)
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Stretching & mobilisation of soft tissue
  • Prescribed exercises the patient could complete at home

We also implemented our falls prevention strategies and incorporated balance exercises as part of his program to prevent future falls so he can continue living safety in his home.

A few weeks later, he now can steadily and strongly hold his coffee cup, so he can enjoy his morning and afternoon cuppa. One happy gentleman!

Why choose Total Health Physio?

We offer clinically effective treatment tailored to suit each client. Our expert clinicians work tirelessly to develop personalised plans in order to maximise the impact of our work.

Here are the key benefits of Total Health Physio:

  • We come to you – Not only do you save travel time, but it also gives our clinicians the chance to really understand your circumstances and requirements
  • We care about our role in the community – Our team of clinicians have been hand-picked not just for their clinical expertise but for their ability to build trust and make the patient feel a strong sense of compassion
  • We have a strong network – After nearly ten years servicing Toorak we’re well placed to connect you with additional healthcare services to ensure you’re getting the best comprehensive care available

Please navigate to our contact page if you would like to make an enquiry.