Allied Health Services

Quality physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology services have been the hallmark of Total Health Physio & Allied Health services in St Kilda East for over a decade.

Our Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology services and partnerships include:

  • NDIS participants, NDIS coordinators
  • Local area coordinators
  • Homecare clients
  • Private individuals
  • Residential Aged care homes

Convenience is important – all our therapists are mobile and visit clients in their homes or aged care facilities. However, because we specialise with the care and rehabilitation of the elderly and those with neurological or physical challenges, we know that a holistic, caring approach makes all the difference.

Our commitment to working with all the key players in a client’s life, and integrating our clinicians into being part of a team, have made Total Health Physio the go-to service provider of Physio, OT and Exercise Physiology  in St Kilda East and surrounding suburbs.

Total Health Physio – Partnering with St Kilda East

Total Health Physio specialises in age-related challenges, including frailty, falls and dementia. Our Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology services in St Kilda East are also offered to new referrals.

Our services in St Kilda East include:

  • Physiotherapy from assessments and to personalised rehabilitation programs.
  • Occupational Therapy which starts with environmental assessments that provide the rehabilitation plan and equipment prescription.
  • Exercise Physiology which covers the fitness and overall wellbeing of each individual
  • Home assessments and modifications to improve the comfort, progress, and mobility of clients. 
  • Partnerships with NDIS coordinators and Local Area Coordinators

Did you know we are also familiar with the ACFI model?  Aged care facilities are welcome to contact us to discuss how we can help with Aged Care Quality indicators, training and pain management programs. We can assist with all related services, including scheduling and systems.


Occupational Therapy

A young black disabled woman with a wheelchair and a bright colored sweater and her Asian friend walk around the city.

These are objectives of Total Physio’s highly trained and experienced occupational therapists:

  • Work with clients to form strategies to live more independently by helping them overcome limitations or finding alternatives (such as assistive technology or equipment).
  • Assessing the living environment and recommending improvements or modifications such as installing railing or grips. Improving functionality, but also safety is the goal here.
  • Exercises and techniques to address stress and maintain cognitive skills.
  • Individualised therapy to improve fine/gross motor skills, self-care skills and work to limit the risk of falls and injury.

Speak to us if you would like to know more about how we can assist with the lodging of assessment and request forms to the NDIS/NDIA or the quotation and project management of residential modifications.


We match our physiotherapists with each client to ensure the best combination and most productive relationship. Our clinicians are highly trained, and we invest in ongoing education to ensure we can offer the latest, evidence-based rehabilitation exercises for all our clients to help them carry out daily living activities with more ease and less pain.

What are the benefits of rehabilitation for the elderly and NDIS participants?

  • Regaining or maintaining independence
  • Preventing falls and improving safety and quality of life
  • Improving mobility, balance and maintaining muscle strength

Did you know that physiotherapy can also help the elderly improve circulation? It does so by strengthening cardiac output as well as lowering blood pressure.



Suitable Referrals for Total Health Physio

Some of the common issues experienced by the elderly include loss of muscle strength and reduced coordination. This can make them more vulnerable to falls and subsequent injuries.

We work with many clients in aged care as well as NDIS participants to improve their independence and improve their functional capabilities. For those that are home-based, this intervention can help them stay living in their homes for longer or allows them to reintegrate into home life if they have been discharged from the hospital or are recovering from injury or a fall.

Any elderly or disabled client that is feeling frustrated by pain limiting them or feels their mobility is deteriorating can benefit from the empathetic and goal-driven work of our clinicians.

Let’s discuss how our physios or OTs can help by carrying out a full functional assessment, and from there, we work with you, your family or your team to set realistic short and long term goals.



Call Total Health Physio Today

Total Physio carries public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We are fully licensed and accredited and have become a trusted partner with care facilities and NDIS and local area coordinators in St Kilda East.

Referrals are welcome. If you are looking for a trusted partner for physiotherapy or a quality OT or mobile Exercise Physiology service in St Kilda East, Total Health Physio, along with our dependable team, can help.

Please use our contact and referrals pages for all inquiries.