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Total Health Physio & Allied Health offers Physiotherapy and OT services of the highest level in Prahran. Our core work is with the elderly population and adult NDIS participants, but we also take referrals and offer integrated services for caregivers and residential aged care facilities. We also work with adults with physical and neurological conditions.

NDIS adult participants (over 18), NDIS and local area coordinators, aged care facility managers, and home care package clients are all welcome to approach us to see how we can assist. For example, we offer aged care quality indicators, training, scheduling and systems for aged care facilities. Another challenge for the elderly is pain, which limits mobility and independence. Our in-house pain management programs are effective and come with the empathy and quality of care that Total Health Physio has valued since our establishment over ten years ago.

Our teams are mobile, so they see clients where it is most convenient for them in the comfort of their home.

Our Services

If you live in Prahran or the nearby suburbs in Melbourne, talk to us about how we can support you with Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, NDIS, Homecare Equipment Prescription and Functional Assessments.

Occupational Therapy

For NDIS participants, start the process by providing Total Health Physio in Prahran with your NDIS information. You can expect an initial assessment within seven days, with the initial assessment taking place in your home environment to assess your functionality and environmental assessment for modification requirements.

Our compassionate Occupational Therapists visiting will work with you to ascertain the requirements that will best suit your needs. For NDIS participants, we will review current NDIS plans and make further recommendations.

Our clinician will be looking at:

  • Identifying hazards
  • Considering assistive equipment
  • Assessing if home modifications would be beneficial
  • An appropriate training program for the client and putting together a plan with goals to work towards

Our OTs can help with prescribing, trialling, and implementing valuable equipment and assistive technology such as ramps and shower chairs. We are also known for helping deliver home modification projects. We will liaise with property management and other parties, create scope of works documents and submit them to the NDIA.

Note, we will become part of the team offering ongoing support and are committed to working with other healthcare companies to support our patients transitioning from our services.

More About Occupational Therapy


We consider our physiotherapy services to be boutique. Because our clinicians are mobile, they offer quality physiotherapy care to the elderly and others in their home environment.

Our highly qualified and hand-picked physios take an evidence-based approach to rehabilitation and utilise exercises designed to improve strength, mobility, and balance (this reduces the risk of falls and injury) and manage pain. However, we also work in residential aged care. We are known to emphasise empathy as well as therapy in our approach.

Our physiotherapists work mostly with rehabilitation, focusing on strength mobility and balance.  Our OT’s work towards improving function in everyday life and our Exercise Physiologists work towards assisting our client’s to optimise their health and wellbeing. If you live or work in Prahran, or nearby, contact us to discuss our services:

  • Equipment assessments and prescription and request forms and reviews for assistive technology
  • Home modification assessments and modifications
  • Management of NDIS Request Forms, NDIS plans and reviews
  • Detailed intervention and recommendation reports
  • Ongoing management plans and goal setting

More About Physiotherapy Therapy

About Total Health Physio

What has made us a trusted provider of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology in Prahran since 2011? With over 6,000 appointments a year, our focus is on offering that experience and skill to people as individuals.

Each client is assessed for their personal needs and circumstances, and their goals are discussed and set based on these, with personalised plans and exercise programs designed to help them succeed.

Reliability, empathy, quality service, trust, and transparency are all part of our values and commitment. We go the extra mile to match our therapists with clients because we know how meaningful this relationship is.

About Us

Integration With Support Coordinators

Total Health Physio has vast experience in Prahran partnering with NDIS coordinators, home care coordinators and local area coordinators. Our dependable and high-quality service is designed to help them work more efficiently with transparency, communication and responsiveness, forming the core of our service offering. Some examples of services we offer are:

  • Attending phone or in-person meetings with other healthcare providers
  • NDIS request forms
  • Report writing
  • Progress notes
More About Support Coordinators

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Please fill in the referral form and we’ll contact you. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call anytime.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and develop a meaningful relationship. Our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are registered with AHPRA and our Exercise Physiologist is Essa accredited. Total Health Physio carries public liability and professional indemnity insurance. We are licensed and accredited and our clinicians are chosen for their high level of qualifications, passion for working in this sector and compassion.

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