Parkdale Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Total Health Physio is a local, community-based service provider serving Parkdale and surrounding suburbs. Our clinicians have been doing their excellent work with the aged and disability community in the area since our inception in 2011.

Our dedicated Physios, OTs and EPs deliver our services with Trust, Compassion and Care with the objective to help our clients live their best lives, with maximum independence, capacity and of course, dignity and respect.

We support people aged over 18 who are living with a disability. Together, we can achieve a beautiful and healthy life!


Mobile Throughout Parkdale


Our compassionate Physiotherapists visit people at their home to maximise their physical capacity and achieve intrinsic goals. We work with you to perform fun, innovate and effective therapy programs together.

Let’s soar towards a healthy life! From walking through the beautiful parks to accessing your favourite community venues you can be assured Total Health Physio shares your goals.

Our Physiotherapy services specifically involve:

  • Baseline measurements of strength, mobility, conditioning and balance to ensure our therapy is measurable
  • We choose a home-visit frequency that you are comfortable with, combined with prescribed exercises, you’ll be taking two steps foward
  • Our therapy aims to reduce the risk of falls, improve independence, mobility, and reduce and manage pain

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Total Health Physio’s Occupational Therapy service extends beyond functional rehabilitation to build skills and other abilities. We take a holistic view that offers a full range of services from assessment through to the implementation of assistive equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, safety equipment for bathrooms and kitchens) and full modification assistance for properties.

We’ve worked in this sector in Parkdale for many years. We understand that equipment and home modifications have an impact on your life, as well as your families. You can trust that our OTs are highly respectful, caring and truly hold your best interests as our own. We perform everything with your guidance and pace.


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Exercise Physiology

We know that movement is vital to a healthy body.

Our EPs are qualified to help people living with a range of conditions, from workplace injury, mental health disorders and most physical/neurological conditions.

Our EPs play an important role in helping people rehabilitate from pain or injury. We place an emphasis on functional rehabilitation so you can live independently and live life as you choose, with minimal aches and pains.

We visit you at your home to understand your situation and formulate a plan on how to best achieve these results. Together we can recover faster, improve our physical attributes and protect ourselves from future injury.

5 Reasons To Choose Total Health Physio

  1. We were founded in 2011 and have developed a reputation for excellence. Please browse our Google reviews.
  2. As a registered NDIS provider, we can assist with your needs, whether the plan is self-managed or agency managed.
  3. You will have peace of mind knowing that both Total Health Physio and our clinicians have all the necessary regulations and insurance in place (APA, AHPRA, indemnity insurance, criminal record, and working with children checks).
  4. We are fully mobile – we bring our services to you, at a time of your choosing.
  5. Our services are comprehensive, including recruitment, training, scheduling, and leave coverage for our partners that broker to us.

A woman with cancer is next to her daughter. A girl is hugging a woman happy

A woman with cancer is next to her daughter. A girl is hugging a woman happy

A Success Story from Parkdale

Total Health Physio has recently been assisting a lovely 46-year-old NDIS participant who lives in a YMCA-managed group home in Parkdale.

She engaged us to help improve her quality of life and support her to live as independently as possible. She knew that if she improved her physical health, her mental health would improve too. We love to support people on journeys like these.

Her medical history includes depression and anxiety. She also suffers from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), inflammatory lung disease, poor kidney function and osteoporosis that affects her feet, ankles, and knees.

Despite this, the client has a great outlook on life and we are here to help the community live their healthiest life!

One of the client’s primary short-term goals was to reduce the pain in her lower limbs. The pain was interrupting her sleep and contributing to ongoing exhaustion. She also wanted to improve her strength, balance and endurance.

Our Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist began developing a tailored rehabilitation plan. This involves specific weight loss measures, quadricep-strengthening exercises and endurance support to achieve 30 minutes of walking each day.

This combination of interventions improves physical fitness while also reducing pressure on her knees.

Prior to engaging our services, the client was depressed and struggling to find the motivation to improve her health. Now, she is undertaking weekly exercise through Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology sessions. She still battles fatigue, but the carefully tailored programs we have implemented mean she can continue to engage in exercise and progress towards her meaningful goals.

We are delighted to see the client making such significant progress and she is an inspiration to her community and us at Total Health Physio.

Appropriate Referrals for Total Health Physio

Total Health Physio primarily partners with NDIS participants and NDIS providers, as well as home care package clients, private paying clients, residential aged care facilities and their residents.

We strive to offer excellent services that can be relied upon. We know how much the community trusts us, so we do everything possible to safeguard that trust by offering a truly professional and caring service.

Total Health Physio is happy to meet with you at your home, workplace or with your healthcare coordinator to develop an individualised treatment plan that you find meaningful and motivational.

Get in touch!

Our clinicians care – we all have a passion for working in the aged and disability sector. We can’t wait to connect with you to see how we can make a difference in your life, a loved one, or that of one of your clients.

Total Health Physio is here to see how we can add value and support to your life or someone you know. We believe in integrating into your life so we are seen as more than a healthcare provider – as partners, listeners, motivators and equals. Together, we can achieve incredible results and live beautiful lives!

Contact us here.

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