Physiotherapy & OT Services

Total Health Physio has proudly offered mobile Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services in Kew for nearly a decade! Our services are delivered with compassion & care because we believe empathy goes hand in hand with therapy.

We are motivated by goal-setting and work closely with family members, caregivers and all stakeholders to help our clients increase their physical capacity, maximise their independence and live fulfilling lives. We offer personal boutique services to each and every one of our clients.

Mobile throughout Kew

Please view the maps below to see our coverage:

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Total Health’s boutique Physiotherapy services are convenient. They are delivered to individuals at their home, shared home, or residential aged care facility.

We are typically contacted to assist with:

  • Assist clients in improving physical capacity through building strength, reflexes, balance, coordination and skills that improve mobility and independence
  • Decrease and manage pain
  • Rehabilitation programs that are both realistic and graded, meaning, they scale with difficulty as the patient progresses
  • Occupational Therapy, equipment prescription, functional assessments, etc
  • Tailored exercise programs, with the frequency of sessions, reviews and other milestones to be planned in advance – providing our clients with transparency
  • Prescription of exercises that can be performed individually, or with the assistance of a carer
  • We also work with care staff to assist them with manual handling training and other facets to help improve the overall care.

When people’s goals are related to engagement or accessing the community, our clinicians will also attend these areas.

Naturally, with healthcare, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. During the initial assessment, we will compose an ideal treatment plan that everyone will consent to. We do not use any lock in contracts and we encourage advocacy. We want to safeguard our client’s choice in doing what’s right for them.

NDIS Participants in Kew

Total Health Physio works with all NDIS participants over 18 years old, this includes self managed, plan managed and agency managed participants.

We provide ongoing feedback to NDIS coordinators (and love to hear feedback) to ensure our services are effective, to coordinate additional support and to update all parties towards our progres.

When performing Assistive Technology (AT) prescription or home modifications, we are able to project manage and handle all liaison with suppliers, builders and other stakeholders to ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Who Can Access Our Services in Kew?

We partner with a range of different people, such as –

  • Homecare Package Clients
  • Private Paying Individuals through Medicare Care Plans
  • Those living in Residential Aged Care
  • NDIS Participants

We can attend medical appointments, workplaces and collaborate with healthcare services when required.

Residential Aged Care

Delivering mobile, dependable, quality Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy services to Kew, Total Health Physio takes care of:

  • Scheduling, clinical notes (documentation) and compliance
  • Documentation – we provide clinical notes and all necessary documentation (assessments, re-assessments and competencies)
  • Reminders for appointments
  • Managing staff
  • Training staff

We can also assist aged care facilities with training, pain management programs, scheduling and systems. We are highly experienced with the ACFI model and assist with achieving Aged Care Quality indicators.


Why Choose Total Health?

Every Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist in the Total Health Physio team that works in Kew is:

  • Recruited for their love of working in this sector
  • Receives ongoing education to widen their skillset and stay up to date with modern evidence
  • Is committed to their clients. We strive to form long term relationships, our service is extremely high quality and boutique
  • Prompt, respectful and strong communicators
  • Adopt a holistic approach to the care they offer
  • Carry public liability and professional indemnity insurance and are registered with AHPRA

Our mobile services offering gives our clients the flexibility and convenience to experience our care in their homes or any place they live (we support RACFs, SIL, SDA, etc). We are grateful to partner with approved Home Care Providers, NDIS and local area coordinators.

Ready to Work with Total Health Physio?

All queries are responded to within 24 hours. For the aged and adults living with a disability or chronic illness in Kew, Total Health Physio is a brilliant provider of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Trust, care & compassion are offered along with the best service levels and up-to-date knowledge.

For more information about Total Health Physio, contact us today, we can also send a detailed information pack about our services.