Elsternwick Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

The team at Total Health Physio have been servicing the Elsternwick and the inner suburbs of Melbourne since 2011. We are fortunate to offer assessments, treatments and services to adults (over 18) who are living with a disability.

Our team is composed of wonderful Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Exercise Physiologists who are as kind as they are professional.

We visit people in their homes to learn about their goals and understand how our clinicians can help them achieve them. Whether that be reducing or managing pain, obtaining new equipment or ongoing rehabilitation, Total Health Physio is here for you.



Physiotherapy can play a central role in helping patients to find effective relief from chronic muscle or joint pain. It can also help people to build strength and endurance or to enjoy a greater range of mobility. All of these things can work together to significantly improve quality of life.

At Total Health Physio our Physiotherapists work with patients to develop holistic, evidence-based rehabilitation and treatment plans.

We focus on improving balance, mobility, muscle tone and reflexes in order to restore confidence and promote independence.

Occupational Therapy

The role of an Occupational Therapist will differ depending on each client’s needs.

Our therapists can assist with any or all of the following:

  • Environmental modifications such as handrails, ramps, entranceways and more
  • Prescribing assistive equipment such as scooters, hoists, wheelchairs or walkers

Determining the need for assistive technologies such as screen readers, automated lighting and safety systems.

NDIS Participants

We are a registered NDIS provider and are passionate about supporting people living with disability.

We work with NDIS participants who are self, plan managed or NDIA managed.

We assist clients who are at home as well as those in Supported Independent Living environments or Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Exercise Physiology

Total Health Physio offers a quality Exercise Physiology service.

This service is available to anyone in the community including private patients and NDIS participants.

Home Care Package Clients

The ability to live safely and independently plays a big part in someone’s quality of life.

At Total Health Physio, our origins started in aged care and we are passionate about helping our elderly community.

We support Home Care Package clients by

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Falls prevention
  • Pain management
  • In-home Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology
  • Equipment prescription
  • Environmental assessments


We provide a range of Physio and OT assessments , namely:

  • NDIS assessments
  • Functional capacity assessments
  • SIL/SDA assessments
  • Assistive Technology reports
  • Physiotherapy home visits
  • Exercise Physiology home visits

At Total Health Physio we primarily work with people who are aged 18 years old and living with a physical, mental and/or neurological disability to help them live their best life!

Total Health Physio – An Evidence-Based Healthcare Provider in Elsternwick

We want what’s best for our patients, and that means treatments that are proven to work. Evidence-based means that a treatment has been demonstrated, through research, to be effective.

This relates to both establishing baseline capacities and determining the best course of action for each patient.

For example, if we are working with a client to improve balance, we may engage the Berg Balance Scale as an outcome measure. This is an evidence-based test that provides a clear indicator of someone’s balance at a point in time. Through tests such as this, we can determine a clear starting point, as well as progress across time.

Our focus on evidence-based therapy means we can make sure we’re assisting each and every client in the best way possible, every time.

Why choose Total Health Physio?

We offer clinically effective treatment tailored to suit each client. Our expert clinicians work to develop personalised plans in order to maximise the impact of our work.

Here’s what sets Total Health Physio apart:

We come to you –  Not only do you skip travel time, but it also gives our clinicians the chance to really understand your circumstances and needs.

We uphold our values-  Our team of clinicians has been hand-picked not just for their clinical skills but also for their ability to provide trusting and compassionate care to all of our clients.

We have served Melbourne for more than 10 years – Total Health Physio was established in 2011. Since this time, we have grown and developed a company founded on our values of Trust, Compassion and Care.

For enquiries for an Allied Health team who is experienced, passionate and empathetic, contact our team at Total Health Physio today. We’d love to hear your story, please use our referrals or contact pages to get in touch.