Dandenong Physio & OT Services

Total Health Physio provides compassionate healthcare services to adults, paediatrics and older adults living with a disability.

Our qualified and committed clinicians have worked with the community in Dandenong since 2011. Since this time, a key outcome of engaging us is to help enrich the lives of our clients through our evidence-based approach to therapy.

We offer a range of different Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercises Physiology services but more importantly, we put our wonderful clients first through our patient-directed care.

Typically, a shared goal amongst our clients is to increase their independence and quality of life in their home.

Total Health Physio’s Services in Dandenong

Total Health Physio partners with many people from the community. It’s really wonderful to give back to Dandenong, we proudly work with

  • NDIS participants and NDIS registered companies
  • Homecare package holders and providers
  • Residential aged care facilities
  • Private paying clients/private health insurance

Total Health Physio is a great provider for someone looking for a boutique service, our values are Trust, Compassion & Care and you can be assured that you will experience these values. We look forward to exploring how we can work collaboratively and help you to achieve excellent outcomes.


Our clinicians offer a fully mobile service to provide Physiotherapy services, whether clients live at home, specialist accommodation, shared housing or a residential aged care facility.

How can we help? We have extensive experience working with various conditions, including brain injuries, dementia, MND, MS, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke and more. We have many resources on our website covering our success stories for such conditions.

Our Physios are primarily addressing:

  • Helping people improve their strength and mobility to enhance independence
  • Working on balance and endurance to reduce the risk of falls
  • Holistic approaches to helping decrease and manage pain

Our Physiotherapists perform their services through home visits. During the first appointment, we’ll discuss an ideal exercise plan, frequency, your goals and expected duration of our engagement. That way, you can decide if we’re the Physiotherapy provider you’ll place your trust in.

More About Physiotherapy Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our OTs perform a wide range of duties.

We always start by conducting a home-visit at your residence and will perform a baseline functional assessment that is relevant to your situation. We typically help people with functional rehabilitation, home modifications and equipment prescription.

Our services may also be ongoing in nature, such as helping people adapt to new accommodation, equipment or work towards long-term goals.

We are well-equipped to visit any property type. We have years of experience working in private and rental properties, shared accommodation, retirement villages, and more. Every property has a different ownership agreement or other unique factors that need to be considered.

As an NDIS registered company, our OTs are also able to prescribe Assistive Technology under the NDIS

More About Occupational Therapy

Exercise Physiology

Total Health Physio also offers a caring Exercise Physiology team that help our community members maximise their bodies’ performance and wellbeing.

Our EPs work with people to develop individualised rehabilitation programs to suit you and your goals. We take into consideration your medical history, personal history and current circumstances to really work with you, not for you. It’s a really great feeling designing a program that someone loves and is motivated to do!

We partner with you to motivate you when it’s needed, support you totally, educate you and most importantly, share your goals and ambitions.

Our EP team are university qualified and maintain registration with ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) to provide holistic care under a range of capacities.

Why Choose Total Health Physio?

As a boutique provider, we really care about the quality of service we provide to our wonderful clients. We are proud to confirm that Total Health Physio offers the following features:

We can assist with conditions such as:

  • We are a registered NDIS provider. We accept new referrals for NDIS participants over 12 years old.
  • We are registered with APA and AHPRA appropriately. Our clinicians hold public/professional indemnity insurance, current criminal record checks, and working with children checks.
  • We are part of your community. As a community-based practice, we will travel to our clients for convenient assessments and therapy.
  • We form long-lasting partnerships with support coordinators. We participate in each NDIS participant’s plan reviews, reassessments, goal tracking and more. We understand our services are an extension of the holistic services from NDIS providers.

Starting with Total Health Physio is Easy

Total Health Physio is always ready to give Trusting, Compassionate  care to everyone that needs it.

If you offer a managed service or are a home care coordinator, we would love to discuss how we can assist with services like scheduling visits. We tick all the boxes to make your work easier, including providing reports for our home visits and compliance documentation for your records.

Please feel free to use our referrals or contact pages to get in touch, we’d love the opportunity to meet and learn from you!

Our Success Story from the Dandenong Community

Total Health Physio has recently helped a wonderful 54-year-old NDIS participant in Dandenong. He lives with Parkinson’s Disease as well as early-onset dementia. His NDIS Support Worker contacted Total Health Physio because she knew we’d help him live his best life and give 100%.

As the client lives by himself, he needed to improve his mobility and increase his independence around the home. This is a significant challenge because both of the conditions are degenerative, however, our Physiotherapists always look towards the positive and how we can make a difference.

Our team at Total Health Physio have experience helping people with dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. We offer evidence-based care, as well as a caring and professional approach.

We are helping this lovely man work towards his meaningful goals of:

  • Improve balance and prevent falls
  • Reduce his weight by approximately 10 kilograms
  • Improve his overall conditioning
  • Improve strength in his upper and lower limbs

We developed a daily exercise plan which the client now does with his superb Support Worker daily. Our Physiotherapist visits once a week to perform rehabilitation together, track our progress and of course, have a laugh together.

It has been wonderful to watch the client progress with his Physiotherapy. Going outside has become really important to him, and now he can engage in exercise in the sunshine. We all know how fantastic that is not just for the fresh air and vitamin D, but also to re-energise and re-invigorate both mind and body.