Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Chadstone

The residents of Chadstone and surrounding suburbs continue to rely on the exceptional services offered by Total Health Physio & Allied Health. Working with the elderly and adults with disabilities, our approach is to build close relationships with our clients and the NDIS community to ensure the best outcome for them.

Our Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Exercise Physiologists provide a mobile service in Chadstone and throughout South-East Melbourne, so those in need can benefit from care in their places of care, or at home if independent living is their priority. Total Health Physio has specialist Gerontology clinicians in our employment, and our expertise comes from a long history in aged care.

Mobile Clinicians in Chadstone

Please view the maps below to see our coverage:

Who We Work With

We welcome the opportunity to work with:

  • NDIS adult participants (over 18)
  • NDIS and local area coordinators
  • Aged care facility managers
  • Home care package clients

Please get in touch with us if none of the above applies as we do take private referrals.

Our Services

We are skilled and highly trained to work with a range of clients with physical and neurological challenges. Our services include:


The typical effects of ageing affect the mobility and balance of the elderly, increasing their risk of falling resulting in bone fractures. This can impact their independence and quality of life.

The role of our physiotherapists is to work with our clients holistically to increase their physical capabilities.

Increasing body strength, conditioning and improving range of movement is part of the process. Our physiotherapists are also able to assist with special care, such as managing chronic symptoms and pain.

Physiotherapy – we deliver a quality rehabilitation service by offering thorough assessments and rehabilitation based on up-to-date clinical research.

NDIS Participants

Total Health Physio is a registered NDIS provider of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise physiology services to adults in Chadstone. Referrals aren’t required to access our services. We assist clients who are:

  • Home-based
  • In supported independent living
  • In specialist disability accommodation
  • In aged care facilities

We assist clients who are at home as well as those in Supported Independent Living environments or Specialist Disability Accommodation. Other services include:

  • Management of NDIS Request Forms
  • Home Modifications and Functional Capacity Assessments
  • NDIS plans and reviews
  • Request forms and reviews for assistive technology


Luxury scandinavian styled living room with outlook to terrace and gum trees

Occupational therapy is a vital part of the care offered to the elderly or those with disabilities or neurological disabilities.

We take care of all the assistive equipment needed to accommodate more independent living (scooters, hoists, walkers) and environmental modifications such as ramps, entrance ways, and handrails. Our OTs will help with:

  • Therapy to build gross and fine motor and cognitive skills
  • Manage equipment trials, assessments, reviews and supply
  • Manage home modifications including assessments and project management

Occupational Therapy – our OT services include environmental assessments, functional rehabilitation and all equipment requirements.

Home care and modifications – we manage modifications for clients, including quotes and assistive technology needs.

Home Care

Clients that have chosen the option of home care are often very keen to continue living in a Chadstone home environment for as long as they can.

We provide both Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, including assessments, the prescription of assistive equipment, and rehabilitation to home care clients. This is a convenient and effective solution that includes:

  • Integrating our care with support coordinators and other healthcare providers
  • Effective healthcare within varying homecare funding levels and budgets
  • A caring and empathetic approach puts our clients’ needs and goals at the centre of all our work

Total Health Physio is Ready to Help

We see each of our clients as individuals. That is why our physiotherapists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists develop a personalised plan for each one that comes into our care – we want to maximise the impact of our work and measure our clients’ progress to keep them motivated.

We are highly trained in implementing rehabilitation and exercise programs to cater to individual client needs and work towards achieving their health and wellbeing goals.

Here are three other reasons Total Health Physio has built an excellent reputation in Chadstone:

  • We are a community practice. We see our clients in a convenient setting and help them adapt their surroundings to support their progress
  • We care. Our therapists are chosen for their clinical expertise, but they are equally important in their passion and commitment to working with the elderly or individuals with a disability
  • We’re networked. With over a decade’s experience working in Chadstone, we can connect our clients with further healthcare services if they need them

Visit the Total Physio contact page if you want to know more about our physiotherapy,  occupational therapy and exercise physiology services.