Carnegie Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Services

Total Health Physio was founded in South-East Melbourne and proudly services the disability and ageing communities of Carnegie, Victoria.

 We are endeavour to make a real difference through caring Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology services.

Please view our staff page to meet our lovely team. After contacting us, we will allocate an appropriate clinician to visit you at your home. We are a holistic provider of healthcare and will do our best to help you with your individual needs.

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Mobile throughout South-East Melbourne

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Services Available

NDIS Physiotherapy

We deliver Physiotherapy services directly to the people of Carnegie, in your own homes.

Our clinicians are kind and caring, as well as offer clinical excellence. We’ll help you with your strength, cardiovascular conditioning, balance and flexibility to maximise your physical health.

You and your Physio will set meaningful goals together, so you can continue to enjoy the good things in life!

All Physiotherapists are university-trained with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Our therapists will arrive on time, and deliver services with a smile. We look forward to providing Physiotherapy with a caring touch.

NDIS Occupational Therapy

We offer a professional Occupational Therapy service that takes place at your home.

We prescribe both small and larger Assistive Technology to assist you to live a more independent and functional life; such as wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, and devices to assist you in the kitchen or bathroom.

We also assist with functional assessments, home modifications, funding reports and everything in between. Our role is to help you live safer and with greater functional outcomes at home.

Our OTs will assess how your healthcare is being managed – from possible carer assistance you receive to social supports and activities of daily living.

Total Health Physio Occupational therapists are guaranteed to arrive with a SMILE and a compassionate approach.


Total Health Physio is proudly a NDIS registered provider.

We help adult NDIS participants (over 18) who are living with a disability. We work with self and plan managed participants.

Our services include initial NDIS assessments, NDIS progress reports, Assistive Technology requests, SDA and SIL environments. These are delivered by our skilled Physios and OTs.

Together we’ll set meaningful goals to work towards; from playing basketball, to swimming, taking a holiday or just living better at home. Total Health Physio will align our efforts with your dreams!

We are experienced in communicating with the NDIS/NDIA as well as support organisations.

Exercise Physiology

Our compassionate EPs will visit you at your home to help you achieve higher levels of fitness and improved health.

Your goals may relate to the community, such as attending swimming, improving your walking capacity or other enjoyable activities. Our EP service is holistic – and we consider many aspects of health to help you achieve those goals.

All staff are university qualified and EP is able to be funded through NDIS plans.

Read a Great Success Story from Carnegie, Victoria

Total Health Physio received a referral for an inspiring gentleman, Kennith.

Just 42 years young, Kennith has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual Disability (ID).

Kennith is currently participating in fortnightly Occupational Therapy sessions with our amazing OT Mindy. The purpose of these sessions is to help Kennith manage and self-regulate his emotions, by developing strategies to assist him in articulating when he is experiencing a low mood or feeling highly anxious.

Kennith thoroughly enjoys his OT sessions and is always willing to engage and participate, which is such a big accomplishment in itself. Kennith has shown great improvement in his overall mood regulation and has developed increased self-confidence/awareness over the progression of these sessions. Kennith and his family have been wonderful to work with and Mindy thrives at the opportunity of helping Kennith achieve his NDIS goals.


Why Choose Total Health Physio?

At Total Health Physio, we connect and partner with NDIS participants to create individualised home therapy programs and improve their home environment to make life safer and enhance independence.

  • We are a registered Australian business
  • We were founded in South East Melbourne and LOVE giving back to the community
  • There is no patient or goal too small to matter
  • You have choice and control regarding our session frequency and our goals of working together

Please use our contact page to get in touch. Over the phone, we’ll discuss if we’re an appropriate provider for you to consider.

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