Bentleigh Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Total Health Physio provides caring Allied health services to the residents of Bentleigh, Victoria.

We are based in Malvern, and provide mobile coverage throughout the Inner South Eastern suburbs, including East Bentleigh, on a daily basis. We are proud to work with Melbourne’s disability and ageing community to make a real difference in our region.

Our services include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Hydrotherapy. Each client is treated with our values of Trust, Compassion and Care and we strive to offer a boutique, personalised experience.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing high quality, so assist you in achieving your rehabilitation goals, enhancing your independence and improving your overall quality of life.

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Mobile throughout South-East Melbourne

Caring Allied Health Services

NDIS Physiotherapy

We come to you! We provide physiotherapy to people in their homes. This includes private homes, apartments, residential aged care and more.

This is an individualised experience where we listen to your needs and construct a plan on how to best work together to reach your goals. We will listen to your preferences and find what will keep you motivated and help you progress with your rehabilitation.

Total Health Physio has many wonderful, compassionate and experienced Physiotherapists. All our Physiotherapists are registered with AHPRA.

Occupational Therapy

Total Health Physio employs a team of highly-skilled Occupational Therapists.

Our OTs perform a wide range of services; from functional capacity assessments, home modifications, equipment prescription, SDA and SIL applications, AT applications, skill-building and functional rehabilitation.

We will visit your home and listen to your concerns and needs. Our OTs are able to help you with your healthcare planning and liaise with other allied health professionals on your behalf.

Our staff endeavour to arrive on time and always with a big smile. If you’re looking for professional OT services, then we’d love to be considered.

Exercise Physiology

We employ wonderful Exercise Physiologists to deliver one to one services in your home or at your preferred location. We will perform evidence-based exercises to help you towards your goals. Our EP’s consider your needs holistically and provide a range of services including exercise, education regarding leading a healthier lifestyle; including nutrition, meditation, pilates or hydrotherapy.

See pictures of our amazing Olympian client Susan here.

EP is a service that can be paid for using NDIS funding. You are given choice and control of frequency or sessions, and never locked into services. We aim to earn your Trust and work with you for the long term.

We look forward to exercising with you!

Read a Real Success Story from Bentleigh, VIC

Sarah was living with chronic pain and mental health conditions which resulted in a sedentary lifestyle. She had lower back pain which made it difficult to perform activities of daily living. Sarah was referred to THP and took the first step to making a positive change in her life!

Sarah engaged with our lovely physiotherapist, Sharon. During the first session, Sarah could walk for one minute before experiencing pain in her lower back. Through Trust, Compassion and Care we knew we could make a difference.

With education, therapy, guidance and prescription of a lower back support plus weekly physiotherapy sessions, Sarah has been able to walk with less pain and more confidence. She was brought to tears by the improvement she experienced! Now Sarah is more hopeful about her future and is on track to better health. She is living a more active lifestyle which in turn has had a positive outcome on her mental health and overall wellbeing. By taking a holistic approach to patient care Sharon was able to slowly help Sarah achieve her goals.
Well done Sarah!

Who Can Access Total Health Physio’s Services?

Our caring services are offered to adults (over 18) under a variety of schemes, including:

  • NDIS participants
  • Homecare package holders
  • Private paying clients (usually post-operative rehabilitation)

We are experienced Physiotherapists working in unique settings such as residential aged care facilities, shared homes, disability housing and so on.

Please phone us and we will discuss if we are appropriate for you to consider. Your outcomes are our main priority.

Contact Us – Let’s Live a Healthier, Happier Life in Bentleigh

We would love to hear from you. Here’s what we can say about our services:

  • Our values are Trust, Compassion and Care and we are great at helping those in need of extra support
  • We come to you! We will arrive on time and perform all assessments, treatment plans, clinical reporting, communication with your team and supports and are always available to help keep you on track
  • We are a registered Australian business founded in 2011 in Melbourne
  • We listen to your story in your words and will help you reach your goals

To get started, please use our contact page.

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