How to Apply

The referral process is simple. The first option is to give us a call at 1-800-847-847 (which is 1-800-THP-THP).

Our admin team will be happy to assist with any questions and can schedule the first-available appointment with the most suitable therapist for the patient based on their needs.

The second option is to submit a referral on our website at

The patient or a representative on their behalf can specify the needs of the patient and include all relevant information. Once the form is submitted, we will get in contact with you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.

Choosing Allied Healthcare Under Home Care Packages

When a person is receiving a homecare package, they can receive Allied Healthcare either through their homecare provider, or engage with external providers too.

Ideally, we would receive a referral or handover from a Home Care Package provider or from another Allied health provider who believes you would benefit from our services.

You can contact us and let us know that you need support from Total Health Physio. With your permission, we will then contact your referrer or other Allied Health team to obtain the release of information, to access previous reports or clinical notes which would assist us to prepare for our initial session together.

We will then visit your home to provide services with Trust, Compassion and Care.

 We will provide our invoices for our services to your homecare package provider, who will typically provide monthly reports of your homecare expenditure.

Working with Home Care Package Providers

Total Health Physio works with many different Home Care Package providers.

No matter which provider you’re working with, it’s likely that we are able to work with you.

We also work with clients who have transitioned from being private clients to using a Home Care Package or have moved between Home Care Package providers.

We are very flexible with our services.

Administrative Support From Total Health Physio

All the information we need is listed on our referrals page.

You can leave the rest to us. Our administrative team, based in Malvern, Australia, will work with your homecare package provider to perform the majority of the paperwork.

Following the initial assessment, we’ll send you a management plan that lays out our goals and how you can expect us to work together to achieve them through Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy or Exercise Physiology.

Contact Us to Apply for HomeCare Allied Health

We’d love to hear from you. Please either

Total Health Physio was established in 2011. We have many senior Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists with extensive experience in aged care. Contact us to receive healthcare with Trust, Compassion and Care!