Home Visiting Physios & OTs

Total Health Physio provides Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy for homecare clients and partners with approved home care providers. We take care of:

  • Private home visits – we are a mobile team
  • Scheduling – we organise scheduling for all parties
  • Documentation – we provide clinical notes
  • Compliance – helping providers achieve Aged Care Quality Standards

Clients find our service highly motivating and we end up working together for many years. We help people with activities of daily living and lifestyle, which in turn makes them more independent!

Mobile Throughout South-East Melbourne

Homecare Services

Choice & Control

We encourage people to find the healthcare provider that is best suited to them. We understand the importance of this decision as it affects overall well-being.

If readers would like more information about Total Health Physio, we can send an information pack in the mail to the homecare client and coordinator.


We are happy to remind homecare clients about appointments in the way they would like.

Our homecare Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy services are usually delivered between 1-8 sessions per month, there are no lock-in contracts.


We ask for honest feedback about our services, we will also be in regular communication with consented parties.

We are able to attend medical appointments, workplaces and collaborate with other healthcare services as appropriate.

Working with Homecare Providers

Total Health Physio works with many different referring parties such as home care providers and private health insurers.

We provide all documentation regarding assessments, re-assessments and competencies relating to the Aged Care Quality Standards, this is largely record-keeping of medical information and achieving quality indicators.

In terms of scheduling, we align our efforts with the referring organisation’s systems. We are able to adapt to various scheduling and software.

There is a service agreement between us and the home care package provider. We sign off that we are the contracting company to the respective patients. This also includes the Charter of Aged Care Rights.

Read a Homecare Success Story

We work with a lovely lady living in a retirement community. The lady had breast cancer that unfortunately and sadly metastasized. However! The lady was determined to live her best life!

Prior to her diagnosis, she was able to walk to the shops, which is a good 10-minute walk.

We worked for three months to increase her strength, her balance & confidence. We practised walking and tailored an exercise program for her needs. Earlier than expected, we made it to the shops together!

The lady rewarded herself by buying her favorite dinner, bread and pasta!

Homecare FAQ

  • What is a Homecare Package?

    A Home Care Package (HCP) is a Government initiative designed to provide older Australians (over 65) with access to healthcare at their home. The objective is to help people live at home longer, while living more independently and with a greater quality of life.

    There are different packages (referred to as levels of support, which range from levels 1-4) for each individual. There are simple, low cost forms of home care packages, such as assistance with shopping or cleaning, right through to high level complex care needs. Total Health Physio is capable of operating within all four levels.

    Total Health Physio provides both boutique Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy under the scheme. We are able to assist people who have different amounts of funding allocated to Physio and OT.

    Homecare clients receive the entirety of their funding from Home Care Packages. Unlike ACFI and NDIS funding, homecare packages allow for more leniency in their expenditure towards healthcare services, as this is highly compatible with an aging person. As such, an elderly person can be on a home care package for their whole life.

  • What is found within Total Health Physio's Homecare Management Plan?

    After the initial assessment, we’ll create a management plan for the patient to help them accomplish and measure their goals. The plan is consented by the patient and coordinator.

    The plan states:

    • The diagnosis – what is causing symptoms (i.e. area causing lack of mobility)
    • Short term goals (i.e. safely get up and down off the ground), and
    • Long term goals (i.e. adjust to a new walker and walk 1.5km)


    We will send the management plan to all parties involved. This may be the patient, the family members, the support coordinators or to the home care package provider.

    We send a progress report to consented parties on a monthly basis.

  • How long are people on a home care package for?

    If the engagement is for Occupational Therapy it may be short term until the patient is comfortable with their environmental changes, or when the project is finished. This may take one to three months. OT may also be ongoing.

    For Physiotherapy, we’ve been working with some patients who are under home care packages for a couple of years. Homecare funding is a great initiative for people to receive lifelong Physiotherapy.

  • What happens if you believe a patient should receive more funding for therapy?

    We would firstly ask the provider if they can be seen more, as they may have enough funding to be able to do so. Lack of appropriate funding would typically indicate the person needs help with other areas too.

    Therapy is essential and part of overall well being!

    If there is no further allocation, we can discuss the need for reassessment with the homecare provider.

    This would be submitted by the provider to ACAT, who will perform the reassessment. This process will change in 2021 with the privatisation of ACAT.

  • I'm on a home care package with another provider. Can I swap to Total Health Physio?

    Yes, absolutely. You simply notify your home care provider that you’re seeking to swap. The provider will subsequently send us a service and we will proceed from there.