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At Total Health Physio we are always exploring new and effective ways to improve the health and well being of our clients. We recognise the importance of offering a variety of choices in our exercise and treatment plans to cater for individual interests and to help maintain motivation. Exercising should be fun!

We are proud to offer tai chi as a service to our clients, especially those in the aged care population and NDIS participants. Please feel free to contact us regarding tai chi and to discuss the positive impact we can have on our client’s health.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai chi is a comprehensive exercise form that provides a range of health benefits. Its slow, gentle movements and postures, along with a meditative state of mind and controlled breathing, create a unique exercise experience that can improve physical and mental wellbeing.

At Total Health Physio, we have observed that tai chi is particularly effective for a variety of clinical conditions such as osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and rehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Moreover, it has been shown to enhance cognitive capacity in older adults and can also benefit mental health, including depression.

The combination of mindfulness and physical aspects, including weight transfer, balance, and coordination, makes tai chi a powerful tool in promoting overall health. We believe that incorporating tai chi into our service offerings will provide our clients with a valuable opportunity to improve their health in a holistic and sustainable way.

Forms of Tai Chi

Tai chi consists of eight distinct forms, each designed to target different aspects of wellbeing.

These forms are as follows:

  1. Pushing hands: This form focuses on weight-bearing, weight transfer, spinal rotation, lunging, and pushing the hands forward. It combines eccentric and concentric muscle contraction to enhance overall physical strength.
  2. Spinal rotation: Similar to the first form, this one involves weight transfer, a bit of spinal rotation, and knee flexion and arm extension to work the core and transverse abdominus, which improves postural stability.
  3. Direction change: This form emphasises torso rotation and the importance of looking at a new direction before stepping to maintain steadiness and equilibrium. It is particularly beneficial for those with vestibular disorders related to spatial disorientation or loss of equilibrium.
  4. Single-leg stand: This form applies arm extension with balance when the base of support is significantly reduced in a single-leg stand. It benefits the bone density of the lower limbs and hips and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and prevent bone fractures.
  5. Cloud hands: This form involves weight transfers, spinal rotation, stepping sideways, and arm extension in a circular motion. It is designed to improve mobility, flexibility, coordination, and functional ability, and can strengthen core muscles and manage back pain.
  6. Abdominal breathing and chest expansion: This form involves abdominal breathing, chest expansion, and synchronisation with knee and arm extension and flexion to increase lung activity and oxygen supply, improving cardiopulmonary health.
  7. Arm flexion and chest expansion: This form combines weight transfer, arm flexion and extension, and vigorous concentric and eccentric muscle contractions, abdominal breathing, and chest expansion to improve circulation, increase aerobic capacity, and reduce blood glucose levels.
  8. Spinal rotation and pushing hands: This form involves chest expansion, spinal rotation, and arm extension to further improve core strength, mobility, flexibility, and achieve physical and mental health recovery, regaining functional abilities and independence.

Each of these eight forms provides specific benefits and can be used in combination to achieve optimal physical and mental health.

Why is Total Health Physio Appropriate to Offer Tai Chi?

Exercise Physiologists from Total Health Physio are university trained.

Our EPs who offer tai chi have completed the Clinical Tai Chi for Rehabilitation program offered by the Exercise Medicine Australia National Accreditation Program.

Who Should Undertake Tai Chi?

To determine if tai chi is appropriate, a pre-exercise screening is recommended. The Exercise Physiologist will complete this at the initial appointment.

The program can then be modified to suit the individual’s needs. The screening should include questions about exercise history and previous involvement in different types of exercise. Based on the answers, different exercise options can be suggested.

For tai chi, the appropriate form can be selected based on the individual’s condition, whether it is for aerobic fitness, mental health or overall strength.

Total Health Physio offers caring services to NDIS participants and homecare package recipients throughout greater Melbourne.

Ideal Outcomes of Tai Chi

The ideal outcomes of tai chi are to enhance overall health and wellbeing of a person, however, this should be tied to their own goals.

For example, to improve balance for those who have a balance reduction, enhance cognitive function, increase bone density, particularly for osteoporosis patients, strengthen lower limbs to assist with walking and prevent falls, especially in the elderly population.

Many clients will experience a reduction in reported stress levels, as well as an increase in flexibility, mobility and quality of life.

Ready to Enquire About Tai Chi Exercise Physiology Services?

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  • Our compassionate EPs are mobile across Melbourne and come to your home
  • We can create a tailored plan including tai chi, hydrotherapy, or any other forms of exercise you are interested in
  • We are NDIS registered
  • We are fully Australian-owned and university qualified

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Dawn M Client

Joyce has been visiting me for several weeks now and takes me through various exercises to strengthen my arms and legs and I have noticed a great improvement. I was unsteady on my feet and using a walking stick indoors because I was afraid of falling so I was delighted a few weeks later to find I no longer needed the stick indoors. I am now using weights which I’m sure will further assist me to become stronger. I certainly have Joyce to thank for this improvement.

Christina S Client

For several months Devana has been supporting my aunt in a professional and caring manner. We have seen some positive progress. We recommend Total Health Physio's services!

Bracha M Client

Steven Pham is the best physio we have had, and we saw quite a few different people till we met him. My sister who had a stroke and couldn't walk or do much of anything has improved to the point where she is walking with a little help and is getting more confidence in moving around. Thank you so very much, I can't express how grateful we are for all you have done. Lea and Sally

Elizabeth W Client

This company provides physio services to my elderly mother in her own home. Her physiotherapist, Vinay, is very professional, punctual, and very caring. They work with My Aged Care and I would highly recommend their services.

Vicki S Client

Steven is a very professional and personable Physiotherapist. He treated my health condition holistically. Searching for all aspects of feeling the way I feel.