ABI Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

An Acquired brain injury (ABI) refers to any type of injury to the brain that occurs after birth. It includes damage sustained by infection, disease, lack of oxygen to the brain or physical impact. Many incidences of acquired brain injury are the result of car accidents or falls.

At Total Health Physio & Allied Health, our team of Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists has been compassionately supporting people with an acquired brain injury since 2011.

Acquired brain injuries are challenging for the injured person, their family and their friends. At Total Health Physio, we will do everything in our ability to help. The brain is a fascinating part of the body, through supported practice and repetition the brain can learn and develop through neuroplasticity.

Symptoms of Acquired Brain Injuries

Patients with an acquired brain injury can experience a range of symptoms, such as:

  • Increased fatigue (both mental and physical)
  • Changes in thinking and learning can also occur, which can impact the way a person can process information or solve problems in daily life
  • In some cases, short term memory is affected
  • Changes in behaviour and personality
  • Changes to physical and sensory abilities (for example the ability to walk, or to grasp objects,).

At Total Health Physio, we treat each patient with a holistic approach and offer more than just physical therapy. With trust, compassion and care, we will aim to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each patient we proudly serve.

Our clinicians are very empathetic. We focus on understanding each client as a person, truly listening to their own individual experiences and needs. Our sessions are tailored to support each client to achieve their own goals and to be as independent as possible.

Working with Total Health Physio

A first appointment will usually involve a functional assessment. This means learning from the patient, their environment, their movements, their strength and any areas of weakness. It also includes an assessment of their balance, as balance can be affected in any sort of brain injury.

We would also review the patients’ home environment to ensure it is safe. We can make some basic recommendations regarding home safety or can refer you to our Occupational Therapists to assist with assistive devices and home modifications.

Following the initial assessment, we will create a management plan whereby we set some realistic short and long term goals with the patient and then create a plan on how we are going to help the patient achieve these goals!

With trust compassion and care, we aim to help all our patients with ABI live their best life despite their injury.


Acquired Brain Injury FAQ

  • What information does Total Health Physio require from new patients?

    We like to be well prepared when we are meeting new clients.

    Information around patient history (including diagnoses or past treatments) or information regarding existing NDIS plans or home care packages is welcome.

    When you first call us or make a referral, we’ll let you know if there is anything further that would be helpful.

  • How is Total Health's services tailored for every ABI Patient?

    Our extensive clinical experience means we understand that brain injuries can be complex and very individual. Some patients are dealing with injuries that are manageable and others who are dealing with more advanced injuries.

    We make sure that our treatment is always tailored to suit the individual and their particular needs.

    We also understand the challenges that come with progress: sometimes setbacks (such as infections or even the common cold) can make it feel like ‘two steps forward one step back’. At Total Health Physio we understand the hardship this can bring.

    We apply our skills and experience to ensure that each client is supported to reach their own greatest potential.