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December 23, 2021

Allied Healthcare With a Smile

Since our beginnings in 2011, Total Health Physio has maintained a strong reputation for our customer service and values.

Despite our rapid growth and influx of clients over the years, we continue to put patient care as our number one priority and have never wavered in our desire to deliver the best possible service. This service extends to support coordinators, case managers and the family of the loved ones we’re working with.

As a team, our collective goal is to take a patient-centered approach with every decision we make. Our patients rely on the quality of care we provide them and we firmly believe that every interaction counts. We want the near-daily interaction between our patients and therapists to be memorable and rewarding. One of our core values is “We SMILE a lot”. We want to ensure that our patients not only achieve their rehab goals, but they feel our smile throughout our session and have a smile on their face also.

Our motto is “Trust, Compassion & Care” That is what defines us; that’s what we stand by; and that’s how we deliver outstanding customer care to our patients.

Services for Every Individual

Prompt communication

The first point of contact with our team usually starts as a referral through our website or with a member of our administrative team. Referrals can come from a number of sources, including support coordinators, case managers, home care advocates, or even the patient or family themselves. We aim to respond to referrals within a two-hour timeframe, and we’ll contact the client directly within 24 hours to introduce them to our services.

Clinician to patient matching

Based on their history and on the information provided in the referral, we’ll match the patient with a therapist that best meets their needs. Our team have a wide range of qualifications and expertise.

We respect all input, preferences and goals of the people we serve.

Patient directed care

Once we see a patient in their home, we ensure that they understand what the process entails. We’ll also perform a thorough assessment of their needs so that we can make evidence-based and outcome-oriented plans for their rehabilitation, therapy, and overarching goals.

We then put that plan into action by sharing a follow-up report or management plan with the patient and any other stakeholders. From there, we’ll begin therapy and embark on the road to success.

Systemised Business: Serving Patients Sooner

When we first started, Total Health Physio was primarily a word of mouth, non digitised business.

As we’ve grown, we’re proud to now receive referrals from many stakeholders and patients who recommend our services to others. We’ve also expanded our reach as well beyond just metro Melbourne into the city’s Bayside, Western, and South Eastern suburbs.

As we’ve grown, we’ve strived to streamline our processes and ensure that our waitlists are reduced so that patients are seen as soon as possible. An example of this is our API integration between our referral form and our CRM, Cliniko, which saves our administration team a significant amount of time.

Our time is best spent helping the vulnerable community, so we leverage technology and systems to support that.

Dedicated, Holistic Healthcare Team

At Total Health Physio, we’re a team, and everything we do is in collaboration with each other. We all work together to best serve our patients and deliver the best possible experience.

Our relationships with support coordinators and case managers are as important as our relationships with patients and their family members. We believe that if we all support each other, we’ll stand a better chance of obtaining more superb health outcomes for everyone.

And when we consider hiring someone new to join the team, we primarily look for someone who’s bubbly and communicative and smiles often. That’s how we know that they can make an impact. Total Health Physio would not exist without the incredible team that stands behind us.

Improving Through Feedback

We seek immediate feedback from new patients using survey forms that are sent out within 24 hours of the first contact with our therapists. Collecting authentic feedback from our patients gives us valuable data and insights on how we are progressing on our quest to provide excellent customer service.

All feedback is reviewed by our team, and we take time to fully address any needs and concerns to help create a healthy environment where we can all succeed. We never stop improving and innovating to deliver a better experience in the communities we serve, and patient feedback is an important part of that process.

Happy Team, Happy Patients

At Total Health Physio, we believe that delivering the highest level of care starts with developing our culture as a team.

We ensure that all our employees understand that our patients are at the heart of everything we do. This is why we take great strides to hire the right people and ensure they exhibit our values of trust, compassion, and care.

We understand that each team member requires the appropriate training and tools to succeed. To accomplish that, each new member of our team goes through an interactive onboarding process that includes mentoring, job shadowing, and ongoing development opportunities. We ensure our team has a strong foundation to deliver great customer service every day.

Most importantly, we also take time to keep our team happy with regular catch ups and get-togethers. A happy team leads to happy patients and the best possible care outcomes.

Your Success Is Our Success

We aim to make a difference.

Whether we’re supporting a patient with a psychosocial disability, a physical or neurological condition, Parkinson’s disease, frailty, dementia or anything else, we’re here to help.

We thrive on the success stories of our patients. Your success is our success, and that mindset is what sets us apart from other providers. We rise to any challenge, and although sometimes we may not be the most experienced in a particular field, we’ll always be honest and transparent about our level of expertise and what we can offer.

We strive to provide the best possible care to every participant and patient, and we won’t compromise in doing so.

Have Something to Add?

We’d love to hear your story in your own words. Total Health Physio encourages all feedback and questions from the community.

  • You can get in touch via phone, our contact page or via website chat
  • We will adhere to your communication preferences
  • We welcome your feedback, good, neutral or otherwise

Thank you for reading this far, we hope you have a day full of smiles, trust, compassion and care.

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