Nick’s Journey of Success: Walking Independently

March 31, 2023

Nick is an inspiring young man who has been working with the Total Health Physio team. Nick has Multiple Sclerosis and together with our Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist, he is working towards his meaningful goals to improve his balance and walking.

Starting the journey together

Nick has previously engaged in therapy but felt that previous therapists did not allow him enough input in determining his treatment plan.

Our caring Exercise Physiologist, Patrick took the time to listen to Nick to understand his goals, his likes and dislikes and to learn what his priorities for treatment were.
In the first meeting,

Nick reported that he still had difficulty with weakness, balance and was experiencing occasional falls. Patrick learnt that Nick’s priority was to walk independently, without relying on a walker frame and avoiding the use of a wheelchair.

Nick is independent and active, he enjoys going to the gym and participating in community activities like choir and the library.

With Trust, Compassion and Care, we set out on a journey of improvement together!

Creating a plan together

At Total Health Physio, one of our values is Trust, and we only ask clients to do things we Trust they can do!

Nick and Patrick’s plan was to start with balance exercises and gait training slowly increasing his stability and decreasing the amount of assistance he required. Breaking down the end goal (walking independently) into smaller more reachable goals (using a stick for support) means Nick could feel more confident, and motivated to keep practicing.

Since commencing exercise physiology with Patrick in July 2022, Nick has made good progress, walking multiple times without support and with improved stability.

He is grateful and has a better mood, attitude, and outlook on life. Despite some expected ups and downs due to MS, Nick reports feeling stronger and happier overall.

Understanding multiple sclerosis

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a chronic neurological disease that affects the nerve fibers and communication between the brain and the body.

The body’s own immune system attacks the myelin around the nerves. Over time, it can cause deterioration of the nerves and the resulting loss of muscle control, balance and strength in limbs. In Nick’s case, his MS affected his ability to balance and control his movements in his lower body.

Exercise Physiologists typically treat MS by developing an individualised exercise program that takes into account the specific symptoms and limitations of each person. This can involve a combination of strength training, balance exercises, and aerobic exercise, aimed at improving muscle strength, coordination, and endurance.

The goal of these exercises is to maintain and improve physical function, reduce symptoms, and enhance quality of life for individuals with MS.

What Nick has to say about his journey

“I had a great experience working with Patrick. He listened to me and took my goals into consideration, and now I feel better. My legs are stronger and I’m able to walk without my frame. I’m grateful for their support.”

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