Meet Amelia – THP Success Story!

January 31, 2023

Amelia is an amazing 63 year old lady and cancer survivor.

Amelia has undergone multiple surgeries on her legs in order to use the muscles to form skin grafts around her body following the removal of cancerous tumours. These surgeries have severely impacted Amelia’s mobility and consequently her independence. Prior to her Cancer diagnosis Amelia enjoyed taking her dog for long beach walks, she always loved to walk on the sand. Amelia had not visited the beach in two years despite living directly across from it because she had trouble walking and balancing on the sand.

Our occupational therapist Jojo was engaged to perform a functional capacity assessment for Amelia and help Amelia with improving her independence and her community access. One of Amelia’s NDIS goals was to be able to walk on the beach again. In order for Jojo to help Amelia achieve her goal she sourced a beach walker and arranged a trial with the supplier prior to purchasing the specific walker. The trial was very successful, and Amelia was finally able to walk on the beach again after 2 years!

Jojo, you’re a legend – you helped make a difference to someone’s life which is what THP is all about!

Our wonderful OT Jojo is one of Total Health Physio’s dedicated Senior Occupational Therapists supporting participants under the NDIS or elderly individuals with Home Care Packages with Trust, Compassion and Care!

Both our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are highly experienced in prescribing walking aids and other assistive equipment to help improve independence and quality of life.

We visit our amazing clients at their home to complete a functional assessment and make a recommendation for the appropriate aid.

At THP we are passionate about helping individuals who have decreased mobility or are a falls risk. Working in disability and aged care since 2011, we’ve seen firsthand the incredible changes and effects our therapy can have on a person’s quality of life and functional capacity.