Respite Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Total Health Physio & Allied Health deeply respects the important role carers play in the community and their need to care for themselves.

Respite care means taking a break from caring, while the person you care for is looked after by someone else. … This ranges from getting a volunteer to sit with the person you look after for a few hours, to a short stay in an aged care facility.

There are several reasons respite care is considered, namely:

  • To rejuvenate the family or care staff
  • To cover for holiday leave of the family or care staff
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation to work towards returning home

One of Total Health Physio’s core values is care, so we visit respite patients that are temporarily living at residential aged care facilities throughout Melbourne. We offer Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Personal Training which are delivered by our empathetic clinicians.

We have been performing respite-related services since our inception in 2011.

While respite is temporary care, we do not consider respite clients to be fleeting relationships.  We love the opportunity to interact and build meaningful relationships with our clients, and then of course, maintain them, as one of our core values is trust.

Who is eligible for respite care?

Homecare clients may be eligible to receive a predetermined amount of time in respite (i.e. 10 weeks) per year.

In terms of funding, this is a highly variable situation. For example, if a homecare patient is transferred into an aged care facility for respite care, their homecare funding may be paused or not have allocation for respite. Some people may change to aged care funding (ACFI) or partly privately funded.

This is a case-by-case basis, please work with your homecare coordinator to know for sure.

At the time of writing, there is currently no funding for respite under the NDIS, so NDIS participants would pay for this service privately.

Booking Total Health Physio’s respite care services

Please fill in a referral form online or contact us directly by phone, we’ll be happy to help assuming we service that location. We are able to liaise with the facility, medical staff or any other family member as required.

We will make a plan for the respite stay, transitions between locations, as well as discuss ongoing services once the respite stay has concluded.

Respite Care FAQ