Physiotherapy & OT in Residential Aged Care

The core purpose of Total Health Physio is to provide services to the ageing community and doing so with Trust, Compassion & Care. We feel that these core values enable us to go above beyond facility and patient expectations.

By establishing our patient’s trust we feel the most optimal outcomes can be achieved. Compassion is what drives us to provide the best service to our patients and is why we love doing what we do. We genuinely care about our patients and their wellbeing.

We are only a small organisation and therefore deliver a personalised Physiotherapy & OT experience to residential aged care facilities. Our passionate and dedicated staff deliver the highest level of care to patients. We do so by liaising with staff to create an optimal and united outcome for our patients.

Our vision is to revitalise programs at facilities and to develop a community which encourages independent and active living. We deliver a holistic approach to patient care.

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Key Features of our Services

  • A genuine patient focused approach to delivering the highest quality of care
  • Holistic attitude to patient care
  • Catering specifically to your facility’s needs and requirements
  • Boutique type experience for management, staff and patients – we’re here for you!
  • A full understanding of ACFI and Accreditation Standards
  • Qualified, trained and enthusiastic physios and support staff
  • Comprehensive documentation reporting and compliance

Experienced Since 2011

Happy nurse caregiver laughing with Asian elderly woman outdoor

  • Comprehensive Physiotherapy Assessments and reviews
  • Individualised resident care plans
  • Pain Management Program (ACFI 4A & 4B)
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • One to one physiotherapy consultations
  • In conjunction with lifestyle we will roll out activities to encourage movement and active living

An Aged Care Success Story

In 2018, we met a wonderful patient who had experienced a lengthy hospital stay.

When she returned to the residential aged care facility, she was struggling to walk and mostly bound to a wheelchair. She could barely walk five meters unassisted and required two people to assist her with walking.

Since then, one of our lovely therapists has been working with her. We initially prescribed a gutter frame to start her walking rehabilitation.

The patient was also part of our Wellness Centre Program and completed regular exercise sessions as well as therapeutic massage with our physio and OT. We periodically reassessed her to see if she was on track for her desired outcomes.

The wonderful patient achieved her goals, and is now walking 500 metres, numerous times a day!

We really do have some great success stories with our rehabilitation work. We pride ourselves on the outcomes we achieve with the community.

Shot of a senior woman in a wheelchair being cared for a nurse

Shot of a senior woman and young nurse going for a walk in a garden

Experienced with ACFI

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to residential aged care facilities.

We are versed in maintaining accreditation and ACFI compliance. For readers who are unfamiliar, ACFI is the Aged Care Funding Instrument. AFCI is a complex system that calculates the cost of healthcare for residents. An example calculation may take into account:

  • Mobility
  • How people are assisted to complete daily tasks
  • Behaviours
  • Complex medical conditions and their management
  • Pain management

One component of pain management is only funded for allied health, this can be lucrative for facilities, as every resident on a program will yield a rebate.

Total Health Physio works alongside AFCI representatives to place residents on Pain Management programs who will truly benefit from it.

The amount of resources we allocate a facility is based off a model. We take into account programs, the size of the facility, referrals, assessments and follow-ups required.

Residential Aged Care Facilities FAQ

  • What are Aged Care standards and how do you help facilities achieve compliance?

    Aged Care standards are guidelines set by the Australian Government Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, these are updated each July.

    Facilities are routinely audited to assess if they are meeting best practices and the new Aged Care standards, as well as ACFI requirements.

    We work with the facility to ensure that the Allied Health Provider (Physiotherapy, which is us) is in touch with the new aged care standards and delivers those standards to the facility.

    We incorporate AFCI interventions, as well as strength and mobility rehabilitation exercises, we feel this combined approach gives a better outcome to the residents.

  • How would Total Health Physio handle negative feedback from a facility?

    We really value structured criticisms.

    If there was feedback, whether part of our team or the service that we’re providing, we would look into the cause of the issue and try and make amends, change and improve.

    We believe the key to avoid that is to work closely with the facilities, the managers, the care coordinators so we can provide high quality service. We’re very hands on and present.

  • Can you give an example of initiatives Total Health Physio has implemented?

    Total Health Physio’s team leaders have a structured handover process.

    This process essentially ensures our clinicians touch base with appropriate facility staff to update them on assessments, changes in mobility, and the work we have performed.

    The handover is a great process to keep all parties synchronised.

  • What are review schedules?

    We maintain a transparent review schedule to evaluate the outcomes of interventions

    We conduct a minimum of biannual reviews of the residents of the facilities.

    For residents that are part of our pain management program, which we call the Wellness Center Program (a holistic improvement on the pain management program), we do three monthly assessments for monitoring purposes.

    Furthermore, whilst each resident does have a six-monthly review, we also conduct reviews if there are changes in mobility.

    For example, we often receive referrals, where, unfortunately, the resident has seen a recent change in their mobility, as a result of:

    • Recent hospital admission
    • Recent fall
    • Problems with their mobility equipment
    • Rapid decline in mobility due to age or comorbidities
    • Change in medication

    At Total Health Physio we pride ourselves on the stability and quality of care for the facilities and residents we serve.

  • Do you work with your own or the facilities document management systems?


    Total Health Physio stores its own data using cloud-based software.

    We work with facilities to maintain accurate document management systems. From a document-patient perspective, the facility’s staff can access our notes and assessments through their system at any time.

    We use a priority system that ensures residents are treated in the appropriate order. For example, post-fall reviews or post-hospital assessments would take precedence at times.

  • How does Total Health Physio try to synergise with facility staff?

    Total Health Physio is liaising with families, healthcare companies and other parties on a daily basis. We are a multidisciplinary team, and we know we’re only as good as the team around us.

    Our hands-on approach allows us to work very closely with other teams, we especially try to benefit nurses, clinical coordinators and unit managers of the facilities we partner with.

    Connecting with the residents, the care staff, lifestyle team and volunteers is critical in order to foster a culture that improves the emotional and physical well-being of the residents.

    We know close working relationships are primary to deliver the best outcomes for the residents!