Pain management programs in Residential Facilities

A pain management program is a healthcare program delivered to residents of an aged care facility and is governed by ACFI. Total Health Physio & Allied Health adheres to AFCI requirements as in-house physiotherapy providers to aged care facilities.

Total Health Physio takes pride in the way in which it manages the pain management program at Aged Care facilities. Total Health Physio has put a positive spin on the regular “Pain Management Program” and turned it into the “Wellness Center Program” which promotes a more holistic approach to patient care. We call it a wellness centre because we want to focus on creating a holistic environment, encouraging wellness, encouraging socialisation and providing holistic treatment that includes exercise as well as manual therapy and heat modalities. The Wellness Center is a place where residents can relax and enjoy themselves!

We work closely with the in-house ACFI coordinators and facility managers to ensure residents receive clinical care in a commercially viable way. Our values of trust, compassion & care are at the centerpiece of our Wellness Centre which is aligned with facilities looking to offer a unique healthcare experience.

About ACFI and Total Health Physio & Allied Health

We have been operating under guidelines ACFI since 2011 and are well versed with the funding instrument.

ACFI assesses the relative care needs of residents and is the mechanism that is used to appropriately allocate funding resources based on those needs. ACFI represents approximately 60-85% of a facility’s income and plays a significant role in staffing levels.

We currently provide our Physiotherapy services under the Complex Pain Management 4A and 4B protocols.

4A is one session per week for 20 minutes in duration.

4B is 80 minutes per week of therapeutic massage OR TENS machine. We usually break this down into four days of 20 minute sessions. We like to also add an exercise component to the session and with our wellness centre set up we are able to do so.

In order to become part of the program, a resident must undergo an evidence-based pain assessment undertaken by an Allied Health Professional (usually a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist). This is reviewed every 3 months.


Helping Aged Care Facilities achieve ACFI compliance

There are documents and standards that surround AFCI and aged care facilities.

A core directive is to document our interactions with the patient. Every time we see the patient, we document that we’ve visited them, reviewed their pain levels and the documentation is signed off by the clinician who performed it. Currently, each resident on a pain management program will be reviewed every three months.

Progress notes largely contain three steps

  1. If there has been any status changes (i.e. a recent fall)
  2. What care we provided
  3. The outcome of the care

Total Health Physio has its own internal tracking systems so our staff know the residents that have been seen and the upcoming schedule. We are very competent with maintaining strict records of our appointments.

The directives (documents & competencies) we use have been developed internally by Total Health Physio. These are in-line with ACFI requirements. Facilities are routinely audited and must provide these directives.

This comes down to a strong collaboration between us and the ACFI coordinators to make sure we’re on the same page, which is why Trust is one of our core values.

About our amazing Wellness Centre Program

We partner with Residential Aged Care Facilities throughout Melbourne on an ongoing basis. Contracts are usually reviewed annually. Within these contracts, we are often asked to include our lovely Wellness Center Program!

As mentioned in the introduction of this page, a Wellness Centre Program is our holistic version of a pain management program. Besides receiving the therapeutic massage to assist with the associated pain areas and meeting the ACFI requirements, residents can benefit from the following added comforts:

  • Relaxing in reclining chairs
  • Heat packs to increase blood flow to release joint stiffness and relax muscles
  • Music (Andre Rieu, Beethoven and the classic Grease soundtrack are the most played).

With some relaxing R+R some residents can also socialise and others prefer a little snooze.

We keep the vibe energetic and positive by:

  • Providing a coffee corner for residents to enjoy a nice cup of nespresso blended coffee before or after treatment
  • Exercise therapy tailored to the individual provided by our personal trainer/allied health assistant
  • Utilising the exercise bike for those who want to work on their cardio fitness

We strongly feel that exercise makes a really big difference to resident outcomes and the variety of options encourages residents to participate.

An added benefit is that residents often really look forward to attending our programs.

By improving mobility and movement, and hopefully reducing pain, our Wellness Centre programs allow residents to enjoy life a lot more.

Wouldn’t we all like to have a nice massage every day?

Pain Management Program FAQ

  • We would like to enquire about your Pain Management programs, what’s the process?

    Please call us directly or use our contact page, we’ll get in touch.

    We’d be very happy to meet with you so we can explain our services, we feel we go above and beyond facility expectations.

  • In what ways do you educate staff and therefore lead to positive change in the facilities?

    Total Health Physio is often engaged to provide more than ACFI requirements. We often include more initiatives within our contracts.

    One example would be starting a falls committee, where we educate and work with care staff to pinpoint habits and prevent falls. We would work with facility staff to look at:

    • What is causing the falls?
    • What medications is the person taking?
    • We zoom in on frequent fallers
    • What time of day are they occuring?
    • Are buzzers within the person’s reach?
    • Are mobility aids within the person’s reach?
    • Is the person wearing appropriate footwear?
    • Does the person look well?

    Our falls committee has had some great outcomes at Aged Care Facilities with a reduced number of falls and great falls prevention strategies implemented. Pain management programs allow us to see a lot of residents and help us understand the best ways to make meaningful change within that facility.

    Please learn more about our falls prevention services here.