Aged Care Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Our ageing population deserves caring, compassionate healthcare.

Total Health Physio is registered providers of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy HomeCare Packages.
Research into physiotherapy for the elderly has found it to be useful in preventing joint problems, minimising the risk of falls and improving strength and mobility.

The ability to lead a more active lifestyle with regular physical activity, including aerobic and resistance exercises through rehabilitation, have also been demonstrated to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and cognitive wellbeing.

At Total Health Physio, our passionate team strives to make a positive contribution to our senior patients’ lives each day. We are committed to providing a warm, personal aged care physiotherapy experience and helping patients achieve greater independence and improve their quality of life.

While we have no choice in regards to the risk factors associated with aging and the consequent decline in mobility, we do have a choice to work with people who can help to make a difference. We at Total Health Physio are passionate about helping make that difference.

Mobile Aged Care Physios in Melbourne

Aged Care Services

  • Dementia Care

    People living with dementia may experience cognitive challenges, motor control issues, short term memory loss and difficulties throughout daily life.

    Our physiotherapists are highly experienced in dealing with individuals with dementia and help them maintain or increase their function to the highest level.

    We undertake detailed, individually tailored assessments of the impairments, activity restrictions and participatory limitations and we set an individualised exercise program to help overcome some of these limitations.

    Poor balance, known to increase the risk of falls, can be improved by physiotherapy-led exercise. Exercise can have a significant and positive impact on behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, improving cognitive function and mood, which can reduce the need for pharmacological intervention.

  • Elderly Rehabilitation

    Our Physiotherapists can assist with both prevention and post-injury rehabilitation.

    Research shows that exercise has the number one positive effect on elderly individuals.

    Whether it’s post-surgery or loss of mobility, exercise rehabilitation has a positive patient outcome, improving outlook on life, quality of life and overall well-being.

    We utilise a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises which will benefit cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and cognitive wellbeing.

  • Falls Prevention

    Falls are the leading cause of injury in elderly individuals.

    We assess the patient’s home or room within a facility holistically to determine the risk factors.

    Falls prevention is one of the greatest tools we can provide to our elderly people.

    Our interventions reduce the fear of falling, improve balance, increase confidence and implement strategies to reduce falls.

    Learn more about our falls prevention services.

  • Home Care Packages

    People over 65 with ailments may be eligible for a home care package.

    Some of this funding and package is allocated to Physiotherapy.

    We work with home care providers who send us referrals.

    We provide professional Physiotherapy which involves assessment and delivering outcomes tailored to the individual.

    Learn more about our homecare services.

  • Manual Handling Training

    We provide both theoretical and practical components of manual handling training.

    Our Physiotherapy team leader, Tina Blagojevic, is highly specialised in terms of her ability to deliver this training.

    We primarily deliver this to the care staff of a facility, who benefit greatly from attending this form of professional development.

    Manual handling training helps staff feel they are trained appropriately for their role, as well as leading to a safer workplace.

  • Pain Management

    As part of our wellness centre and our pain management programs, we incorporate exercise and therapeutic massage to meet ACFI requirements as well as rehabilitation exercises, which has shown to achieve the best outcomes for residents.

    Our wellness centre is essentially, a positive spin for our version of the pain management program. We call it a wellness centre because we want to focus on encouraging wellness and holistic treatment.

    Here, people can relax, recline in their chairs, receive heat treatment and listen to classical music (Mozart and Andre Rieu is the crowd favourite).

    We may set up a coffee station, because caffeine is proven to help with exercise.

    We set up gym environments which can include exercise bikes, parallel bars, weights and exercise areas. This area is supervised by our Physiotherapists and Allied Health teams.

    Learn more about our pain management services.

  • Palliative Care

    We can make a big difference to people who are palliative.

    At times, people may be on palliative care for years.

    Research has shown that people with comorbidities or individuals battling cancer will greatly benefit from rehabilitation. This can make a difference to their outcome, pain levels and quality of life.

  • Private Home Visits

    We provide mobile Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to clients in the comfort of their home.

    This can take place at any residence or under any occupancy agreement, including:

    • Residential facilities
    • Private homes
    • Retirement villages
    • Specialist Disability Accommodation

    We help older adults become as mobile, safe and happy as possible at home.

    We help people set and achieve meaningful goals!

    Learn more about what we do during private home visits.

  • Residential Aged Care Facilities

    We partner with Residential Aged Care Facilities to provide contract Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy.

    Our time is spent performing assessments and scheduled reviews.

    We help providers meet compliance standards and complete ongoing competencies.

    We are highly experienced with the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI).

    We integrate closely with the facilities to help them achieve industry-leading healthcare.

    Our goal is to re-invigorate the physiotherapy program at Aged Care Facilities with a holistic approach to resident care.

    Learn more about how we help residential aged care facilities.

  • Strength & Mobility Assessments

    Strength and mobility assessments are just some of the assessments we provide for people at home or in an aged care facility.

    Identifying deficiencies and limitations will help greatly in implementing a strength and mobility program to achieve the set goals.

    A meaningful goal could be getting up from a chair without assistance or walking outside to the mailbox unaided.

  • Respite Care

    In many aged care facilities, residents under respite care are not included in the in-house physiotherapy program.

    We receive referrals from facilities to see their respite patients until they become permanent or return to their home.

    Learn more about our respite care services.

  • Transitional Care

    We help residents transitioning between a hospital and an aged-care facility.

    Our visits can ease the stress and uncertainty, with our purposeful goals, and implementation of whatever rehabilitation program is required.

Capacities we work under

We primarily partner with individuals, home care providers, support coordinators for the NDIS, aged care facilities, the individual’s family, and individuals with disability.
Total Health Physio works with:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants, namely older adults nearing the aged care bracket
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC) scheme
  • Private paying individuals

Aged Care FAQ

  • Can you give an example of how research impacts what you do?

    The Australian Physiotherapy Association recently published an article on patients with cancer.
    The research suggested that these patients have a better outcome in terms of longevity by implementing exercise programs during and after their prognosis. Even in remission, these patients will continue to have positive outcomes by performing exercise therapy.

    We find that communicating evidence like this is highly motivating for our patients.

  • What aged care specific professional development does THP provide its staff?

    We provide a minimum of monthly in-house training sessions. These are prepared by our senior Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists on topics relating to our clinical roles. We also encourage our team to pursue their own professional development in an area they are particularly interested in. For example, Exercise for Parkison’s Disease.

  • What makes you motivated to work in aged care?

    One example comes to mind.

    We worked with a lovely gentleman who had a quite aggressive form of Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, we were unable to change the outcome of his condition.

    For him, doing rehabilitation allowed him to have a purpose and he treated the sessions with the highest importance. He wanted to live well – on his terms. Despite his ailments, he did everything in his power to live a full life. He taught us so much, we’ll never forget him.

    Rehab gave him hope, and that hope is ultimately, our purpose of working in aged care.

  • Why should I work with Total Health Physio?

    Ready to work with Total Health Physio?

    The reason for choosing Total Health Physio is simple – because we care!

    The desire to help people exists for each and every member of the Total Health Physio team. It’s why we do what we do, and our approach is all about providing our clinical duties with care, trust and compassion.

    Our experience has shown that we can really make a difference in someone’s life by doing ‘small’ things that make a positive impact on quality of life.

    The team at Total Health Physio are passionate, compassionate, aware of modern research and strive for the best possible outcomes for our patients. We feel inspired by our patient’s motivation, and on many occasions, they inspire us to be better people. Our patients remind us exactly why we do what we do – from the relationships and progress made, and the motivation and determination shown.

    Whether people are in pain, have lost confidence in mobility or feel they could use some help with strength, physiotherapy might be the answer. It may take months of hard work, but with dedication and commitment, we really can create wonders in confidence and abilities.

  • What is Total Health's role in Aged Care?

    Total Health Physio’s role in Aged Care

    Since our inception, Total Health Physio has focused on community work and aged care.

    Aged care is an umbrella term for providing support to older people in their place of residence.

    Community work means we provide private home visits, see individuals who cannot get to a physiotherapy practice, or it’s too demanding for their family members to take them.

    Our core service is physiotherapy focused on rehabilitation, aiding in:

    • Mobility
    • Balance
    • Strength
    • Reducing pain
    • Endurance, and
    • Walking


    By optimising an older person’s functional well-being, we improve their quality of life.